Basie Bash

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra: Basie Bash-From Within
October 8
Kirkland Performance Center


The award-winning, 17-piece Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO) is the Northwest’s premier big band jazz ensemble, co-directed by drummer Clarence Acox, nationally recognized director of bands at Seattle’s Garfield High School, and saxophonist/arranger Michael Brockman, long-time faculty member at the University of Washington School of Music.
In 1953, Count Basie recreated his band with fresh faces and new names, marking a big change from the famous swing era band of the 1930s & 40s. New performers included a number of fantastic writers who sat in the band every night and wrote all the great music that made the band famous for the second half of its history. Join the SRJO for a celebration of what happens when you ask your best friends to write music for you.

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