Kenmore Hydroplane Cup: The Return of the Sammamish Slough Race

It’s the return of an institution….well, not quite. The original race, known as the “Slough Race,” was wildly popular between 1928 and 1976 and drew crowds of spectators between 40,000 and 80,000. The inaugural Kenmore Hydroplane Cup event revs up on April 5. The event will be held on the north end of Lake Washington at the newly remodeled Kenmore Boat Launch and Log Boom Park. The timed exhibition race will feature a variety of boats including two cylinder and three-and-up cylinder boats, Native American war canoes, junior hydroplanes, and RC hydroplane demonstration. Competitors will race one or two boats at a time up the Sammamish River, navigate around the challenging oval course and back to the Kenmore Boat Launch.