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Are You A Dog Person Or A Cat Person?

Well, here’s what your pet choice says about your personality: First of all, the pet of choice for men was a big dog with 42 percent making that choice, while 41 percent of women said a cat was their favorite pet. So here’s what each of those choices – and a few others – revealed about pet lovers: Big Dog …

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The Home Depot – Upgrade Your Carpet

The easiest way to change a room, is to upgrade the floors, and nothing makes a room seem more luxurious like new carpet. The Home Depot has the best selection from industry leaders. For more great ideas to upgrade your living space, go to: …read more

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The Home Depot – Upgrade Your Appliances

If you’re interested in upgrading your appliances now is a great time to do it. Appliances have changed and in addition to looking sleek and trendy, they’ll save you money! For more great DIY ideas, go to: …read more

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Buy It Now, Get It Later

It’s all about the anticipation of getting something new. And John, Connie and Gib have details on how buying an item online and waiting for it to arrive helps us appreciate the purchase more.For more great intel, go to: …read more

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Happy Hour Warnings

Happy Hour may be great for clearing your head after a long day at work, but be careful about drinking if you’re taking medication. Connie explains why it could be dangerous. …read more

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Unboxing Videos

Who knew opening boxes could be so interesting. Gib explains the latest trend in YouTube videos.For more great intel, go to: …read more

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