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Avoiding Germs And De-stressing Made Easy

We all know money is pretty germy and de-stressing isn’t easy, but John, Connie and Gib explain what else in your wallet is covered with bacteria and how to calm your nerves. For more great intel, go to: …read more

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Designate Times For Sadness

It’s OK to be sad, but John explains why it’s important to set aside time to be unhappy. For more great intel, go to …read more

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Is Your House Unsellable?

Even in a slow market – your house should still sell if it’s in good shape. Sure, it may take longer, and you may not have a bidding war, but if you’re not getting any serious interest after 3 months – there’s something wrong. So here’s what makes a house unsellable, according to real estate expert and Today show contributor, …

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The “Do Not Touch” Zones of Cats

The first off-limits zone: The belly. Why do dogs love it and cats hate it? Because dogs, more often than not, see themselves as a predator. So they feel more secure. Cats are more cautious – they see themselves as prey. Sure, they may pounce on a bird – but they know they could also be eaten by a coyote. …

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