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Is Your House Unsellable?

Even in a slow market – your house should still sell if it’s in good shape. Sure, it may take longer, and you may not have a bidding war, but if you’re not getting any serious interest after 3 months – there’s something wrong. So here’s what makes a house unsellable, according to real estate expert and Today show contributor, …

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The “Do Not Touch” Zones of Cats

The first off-limits zone: The belly. Why do dogs love it and cats hate it? Because dogs, more often than not, see themselves as a predator. So they feel more secure. Cats are more cautious – they see themselves as prey. Sure, they may pounce on a bird – but they know they could also be eaten by a coyote. …

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How To Be Anti-Social On Public Transportation

Ever sat next to someone on a public bus or train who made you feel uncomfortable because they shouted at people, talked to themselves or smelled like they hadn’t showered in weeks? According to a new Yale University study, there’s actually an art to avoiding sitting next to people like that! The study was led by Esther Kim, a sociologist …

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Make Yourself A Resilient Person!

How can some people overcome extreme circumstances like poverty, a personal or natural disaster, or growing up in violence while others are defeated by the smallest setback? In a word: resilience. That’s the ability to bounce back from adversity–And there are several factors that play a part–We read about them in Time Magazine. One of the biggest is the strength …

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Learn to Live Off Your Investments for Many Years

It’s time to talk about something you’re really going to need in your golden years – MONEY. Charles Farrell, an investment advisor, says saving for retirement is a lot different now than it was before. It used to be that people died within a few years of retirement, and the rest squeaked by on pensions and social security. These days, …

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