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Is Your House Unsellable?

Even in a slow market – your house should still sell if it’s in good shape. Sure, it may take longer, and you may not have a bidding war, but if you’re not getting any serious interest after 3 months – there’s something wrong. So here’s what makes a house unsellable, according to real estate expert and Today show contributor, …

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The “Do Not Touch” Zones of Cats

The first off-limits zone: The belly. Why do dogs love it and cats hate it? Because dogs, more often than not, see themselves as a predator. So they feel more secure. Cats are more cautious – they see themselves as prey. Sure, they may pounce on a bird – but they know they could also be eaten by a coyote. …

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How To Be Anti-Social On Public Transportation

Ever sat next to someone on a public bus or train who made you feel uncomfortable because they shouted at people, talked to themselves or smelled like they hadn’t showered in weeks? According to a new Yale University study, there’s actually an art to avoiding sitting next to people like that! The study was led by Esther Kim, a sociologist …

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Make Yourself A Resilient Person!

How can some people overcome extreme circumstances like poverty, a personal or natural disaster, or growing up in violence while others are defeated by the smallest setback? In a word: resilience. That’s the ability to bounce back from adversity–And there are several factors that play a part–We read about them in Time Magazine. One of the biggest is the strength …

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Learn to Live Off Your Investments for Many Years

It’s time to talk about something you’re really going to need in your golden years – MONEY. Charles Farrell, an investment advisor, says saving for retirement is a lot different now than it was before. It used to be that people died within a few years of retirement, and the rest squeaked by on pensions and social security. These days, …

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If you’re on that low-carb kick in order to shed a few pounds, here’s an added bonus.

It might help you stay awake at work, too. According to Reuters Health, cutting carbohydrates from your diet may help fend off daytime sleepiness.Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina studied the effects of a low-carb diet on a small group of patients with narcolepsy, a disorder that often causes people to fall asleep involuntarily during the day. …

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