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Sunday, June 21 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 25 8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  “The Engineer’s Thumb”

This is one of only two cases that Dr. Watson personally brought to the attention of Sherlock Holmes. A young man’s hand is brutally mutilated and Holmes is his only hope of finding out why it was done. (NEW)


In an effort to escape the boredom of his retirement home and the realities of a world he’s grown to old to enjoy, a retired newspaperman takes a daily bus ride to nowhere in particular. Until one day…

Saturday, June 27 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, June 30 8:00pm

Raffles, the Gentleman Thief  ” The Duchess of Ireland”

Once again we join Raffles and his friend Bunny Manders as they romp thru Victorian England one-step ahead of the law. This time the Gentleman thief is innocent, he didn’t take the jewel but he’s fairly certain he knows who did and when the actual crook tries to put the blame on Raffles the fun begins.

“Building B-2000″

What’s the secret housed in an underground hangar at a lonely military installation in the desert?

Sunday, June 28 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, July 2 8:00pm

Kincaid, The Strangeseeker “Games Without Frontiers”

Are there other planes of reality, parallel dimensions with borders between them peopled with demons whose only goal is destruction? Yes, and Mike and Shelly are out to save the world from them.

“The Great God Donald”

Richard sanders and Peg Phillips join together in a weird tale about the power of one man’s will over the past.

Saturday, July 4 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, July 7 8:00pm

Powder River “This Modern Age”

The Telephone line arrives in Clearmont. Esther returns from San Antonio and Jacob wants to build an aeroplane.

The Last of Simeon Buell

A silver miner in the old west is missing and suspicions of foul play falls on his partner.

Sunday, July 5 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, July 9 8:00pm

Mr Pewter’s Play “The Burglar’s Club”

The second episode of our special short run series from the folks at The Colonial Radio Theater. In this story all is not what it seems and the prize in question yields more then any thief could have bargained on. (NEW)

The Phantom Motor “The Thinking Machine”

Jacques Futrelle’s created his American rival to Sherlock Holmes, Prof. S. F. X. Van Dusen or “The Thinking Machine” in 1906 and the producers at The Colonial Radio Theatre have given life to some of his adventures. This month the Prof. has to solve the riddle of a disappearing automobile and deduce if a crime has been committed.

Saturday, July 11 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, July 14 8:00pm

 The Adventures of Harry Nile ” Remy’s Regret”

Harry Nile has to mark this one under the heading ”Just when you think you knew somebody.” His buddy, the former French resistance fighter and ski champion Remy La Porte is really banged up and in the hospital accused of t he murder of his… sister-in-law?

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Tontine”

The Great Detective committed to a mad house? Yes, and Watson is his only hope of escape. But the good Doctor hasn’t any idea of where his friend is

Sunday, July 12 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, July 16 8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “His Last Bow”

It’s August 2nd 1914, just days before the events that led to the start of World War I, Sherlock Holmes has long been retired and Dr. Watson has all but faded from his life. What or who then might be powerful enough to draw these two from their well earned rests and into the madness that is about to begin? (NEW)

The Outlaw At Emmett’s Café

The Owner of a small town café decides to become a hero when 1930’s outlaw “Pretty Boy ” Floyd walks into his place. WEEK 1,008

Saturday, July 18 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, July 21 8:00pm

Phoenix Rising  “Tag, You’re It”

Many police officers can, with the exception of target practice, spend 20, 30 years on the force and never once draw their weapon let alone fire it. Yet many will have that one time, that one terrible time when there was no choice and a life was lost.

The Adventures of Harry Nile “Minute Like an Hour”

How in this world, or any other can Harry Nile reconcile a break-in at a psychiatrist’s office and the theft of her patient’s records with a man who‘s convinced he’s regularly abducted by UFOs?

Sunday, July 19 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, July 23 8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry Nile ” The Case of the Ambitious Corpse”

Another dead guy sitting at Harry’s desk, this is getting to be a habit. Only this stiff hasn’t been shot stabbed or run over. He’s just… dead… and old. (NEW)

The Franklin Phantom

Suspicion follows a horror novelist into a respectable retirement home.

Is it his fault of strange things start happening? WEEK 1,009

Saturday, July 25 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, July 28 8:00pm

Episode 46 of The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Red Headed League”

Set in October of 1890 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle listed this as his second favorite Sherlock Holmes story. With one of the most original plots structures devised for a Holmes tale this is truly one of the classics. (NEW)


Can a marriage survive when on of the partners is obsessed with the memory of a former spouse?

Sunday, July 26 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, July 30 8:00pm

Kerides, the Thinker “Changing of The Guard ”

Married one day off to war the next, so far marital bliss seems not to be in the cards for our young Greek philosopher and his new wife Adrea. However, with the boys away it’s up to the newlywed bride to take charge and find out who is going to be murdered in the palace. (NEW)

The Adventures of Harry Nile “The Prisoner of Ninth Avenue”

As Harry Nile knows only too well that no good deed goes unpunished and this time that punishment could mean the end of our boy’s career as a P. I. and as a live body. WEEK 1,010