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Saturday, May 21 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, May 24 8pm  
HARRY AND THE COMPUTER: Episode 274 of “The Adventures of Harry Nile.” In this special double length episode Harry gets a crash introduction into the world of the future. However, the technology may change but a thief is still a thief, and our boy is right at home in chasing him or her down.

Sunday, May 22 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, May 26 8pm
THE CURSE OF OZYMANDIAS: Dapper detective Freddie Darnborough and his valet Cecil return to Imagination Theater to prove whether or not the “Curse Of The Pharaohs Of Egypt” has claimed another victim among the well to do of 1920’s society. WEEK 1,053

Saturday, May 28 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, May 31 8pm  
THE ADVENTURE OF THE COOPER BEECHES: Episode 52 of “The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” One of the twelve original short stories from the pen of Conan Doyle this tale is among the most popular Sherlock Holmes adventure ever written, with it’s elements of gothic mystery and terror.

THE TRANSPLANTING OF TERRY McDADE: A history teacher invents a device that sends him and his students into the past. Guest starring Harry Anderson of “Night Court” and Dave’s World.”

Sunday, May 29 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 2 8pm  
DEVOTED TO MURDER: Episode 5 of “The Chronicles of Anthony Rathe.” When is it an act of mercy, justifiable homicide, or simply murder? A difficult question at best, a moral dilemma to many. (NEW) WEEK 1,053

THE THREE GABLES: Once again Sherlock Holmes’ adversary is brilliant, determined, ruthless and beautiful. His efforts to defeat the plans of an aging beauty are at the heart of this classic story from the canon. WEEK 1,054

Saturday, June 4 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, June 7 8pm
POWDER RIVER: “The Cattle on a Thousand Hills” Part Two – Cabot Warren, owner of the Ten Star Ranch, is determined to stop his son from returning to Clearmont at any cost.

THE CURE: What can a desperate wife do to break her husband’s reading addiction?

Sunday, June 5 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 9 8pm
POWDER RIVER: “THE CHEYENNE KID” Young Willie Brady, known as the Cheyenne Kid, arrives in Clearmont. Dawes is suspicious of the new visitor, who quickly finds himself in a dangerous situation. (NEW)

TICONDEROGA:  “FORT EDWARD” Captain Campbell, Dagadawidah, and Adam arrive at Fort Edward. They are soon joined by Captain Taylor, who is placed under arrest by the commanding officer for abandoning his mission. (NEW) WEEK 1,055

Saturday, June 11 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, June 14 8pm   
THE CASE OF THE THIRTY-YEAR WAIT: Episode 275 of “The Adventures of Harry Nile.” Harry Nile takes on a missing persons case he knows from the start is a long shot. However, before he’s done he’s had a history lesson about Seattle’s bootlegging days, plus he may be looking at a murder.

THE TRAGEDY OF SAXON’S GATE: Episode 59 in “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” It’s a familiar scene, the client bursts into 221B proclaiming his innocence, the police hot on his trail, but this time the outcome takes Holmes and Watson into a killer’s mad world.

Sunday, June 12 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 16 8pm  
YOU SHOULDN’T GET OFF ROUTE 66 PT. 3: The third installment of this first ever Harry Nile miniseries finds our boy and Evie learning more about her father. Plus Chapman shows a bit more of his true motives for hiring Harry; and why is Eugene suddenly being slammed up against a wall?  (NEW)

THE AVATAR: In his time Kincaid, the Strangeseeker has dealt with vampires, time travelers, aliens from outer space and a guy who makes sculptures out of Kleenex. However, none of that prepared him for the consequences he faces when he laughs at the story of the god who wanted to die. WEEK 1,056

Saturday, June 18 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, June 21 8pm
THE ENGINEER’S THUMB: This is one of only two cases that Dr. Watson personally brought to the attention of Sherlock Holmes. A young man’s hand is brutally mutilated and Holmes is his only hope of finding out why it was done. (NEW)

TRANSFER: In an effort to escape the boredom of his retirement home and the realities of a world he’s grown to old to enjoy, a retired newspaperman takes a daily bus ride to nowhere in particular. Until one day…

Sunday, June 19 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 23 8pm
YOU SHOULDN’T GET OFF ROUTE 66 PT. 4: A new wrinkle has been added to the mix as we continue our Harry Nile miniseries set in the summer of 1941, a mysterious ex-cop that our boy thinks of as “The Pinkerton Man”. We also might clear up a coupe of points regarding Evie and Eugene… we might.  (NEW)

BLIND SPOT: The President of the United States is developing an eerie problem; he sees the image of his dead father wherever he looks. WEEK 1,057

Saturday, June 25 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, June 28 8pm
GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS: An adventure with Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. Are there other planes of reality, parallel dimensions with borders between them peopled with demons whose only goal is destruction? Yes, and Mike and Shelly are out to save the world from them.

THE GREAT GOD DONALD: Richard Sanders and Peg Phillips join together in a weird tale about the power of one man’s will over the past.

Sunday, June 26 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, June 30 8pm 
YOU SHOULDN’T GET OFF ROUTE 66 PT. 5: All things come to an end and Harry Nile’s first miniseries is no exception. Will we find out if Chapman is the bad guy we think he is, will daddy finally show up, will Eugene get something right, and will Evie finally get to sing something? Wait for it… it’s almost here… and … here it is. Tune in to part five and find out. (NEW)

THE DIARY OF ANTHONY MOLTAIRE: An old army comrade of Dr. Watson’s seeks Sherlock Holmes’ aid in ridding himself of a blackmailer, even if it means murder. WEEK 1,058