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Saturday, November 19 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 22 8pm
HERE’S TO CRIME: Episode Nineteen of “The Hilary Caine Mysteries.” A quiet luncheon at a respectable dining establishment in a popular seaside resort, a perfect setting wouldn’t you say for a double homicide? Oddly though Hilary’s not too happy about it.

THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE: In this episode of KINCAID THE STRANGESEEKER, has Shelly finally meet the man of her dreams? Or will he turn out to be someone from her nightmares? Featuring Richard Sanders from “WKRP in Cincinnati”.

Sunday, November 20 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, November 24 8pm
JUST MY TYPE: Chapter Eighteen of “War Comes to Harry Nile.” After the events of “Secret Mission” and “Fifteen Years Later” all Harry Nile wants to do is leave England and get back to Los Angeles, but fate, Churchill and a certain Inspector Finn have other ideas. (NEW)

MOTTO OF THE SEAHAWK: A missing persons case takes an ugly turn and Hilary Caine is on the job for justice and a good write up in Tittle Tattle magazine. WEEK 1,079

Saturday, November 26 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 29 8pm
THE VALLEY OF FEAR Part One: Episode 58 of “The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” In this, the last Sherlock Holmes novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Baker Street duo investigates a murder with too many clues and a path that takes the motive of the crime straight into a blank wall and possible conspiracy.

Sunday, November 27 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday 30 8pm
LORD ARTHUR SAVILE’S CRIME: This is another of our adaptations of short stories by the masters. This time it’s Oscar Wilde’s comedic tale of precognition and murder. Extra bonus feature: Over five minutes of added material never before heard on Imagination Theatre. (NEW)

MORNIN’ STEVE: Guest star Richard Sanders appears in this whimsical piece of role reversal. WEEK 1,080

Saturday, December 3 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, December 6 8pm
THE VALLEY OF FEAR PART TWO:  From “The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” The investigation continues as Holmes digs deeper in to the past of the murder victim and Watson comes across information that could confuse the issue even more; and why does the use of a sawed off shotgun as the murder weapon seem out of place?


Sunday, December 4 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, December 8 8pm  
POWDER RIVER – The Ladies And The Outlaw.
With Britt, Dawes, and Doc out of town, outlaw Cody Phelps arrives in Clearmont, and when he threatens Erica over an article she wrote about him, Etta and the ladies decide he needs to be arrested.

TICONDEROGA – Like Lions They Fought.
It’s July 8th, 1758, and the epic battle of Fort Ticonderoga begins.

Saturday, December 10 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, December 13 8pm
THE CHRISTMAS TREE CAPER: For whatever reason, Harry Nile is not a fan of Christmas, but he likes to please Murphy, so while she’s away he decides to buy a tree for the office and what he gets with said tree will have international implications.

THE CASE OF THE CHRISTMAS BAUBLE: Episode 66 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”It’s the Holiday season of 1895 and Holmes and Watson are on the lookout for a special present  for Inspector Lestrade, the recovery of a stolen diamond. Due to scheduling conflicts John Patrick Lowrie was unable to play Holmes so Dennis Bateman stepped into the role for the recording.

Sunday, December 11 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, December 15 8pm
THE ADVENTURE OF THE BERYL CORONET: Episode Twenty-one of “The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” A criminal caught in the act, a priceless national treasure missing and a father condemning his son to a long prison term are the fascinating ingredients confronting Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in this, one of the twelve original short stories by Sir Arthur Conan

HOMECOMING: A house triggers memories in a young woman of a life she never lived. WEEK 1,081

Saturday, December 17 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, December 20 8pm
THE CHRISTMAS ORGE: Episode 118 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” Does an evil Mr. Hyde roam the streets of London during the Christmas celebrations? A man who is so hideous that even Sherlock Holmes might give pause before challenging him?

STRANGER AT THE DOOR: Imagination Theatre’s Christmas perennial returns. A young couple’s marriage is threatened by the death of their infant son. An unexpected caller on Christmas Eve may or may not be the answer. Guest starring Russell Johns from “Gilligan’s Island.”

Sunday, December 18 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, December 22 8pm 
IT AIN’T OVER ‘TIL THE FAT MAN SINGS: Episode 292 of “The Adventures of Harry Nile.” What do you do if you’re a long time lapsed Catholic and at Christmas time you’re hired by an almost nun (a novice) to prove that the best male singing voice in the choir has been arrested for theft and his accuser calls himself “The” tenor? What do you do? You take the gig of course. Starring Larry Albert (NEW)

STICKY FINGERS: During the Christmas season of 1950 Harry Nile is hired to put an end to a Seattle department stores shop-lifting problem, and he gets Santa Claus to help him.  Starring Phil Harper. WEEK 1,082

Saturday, December 24 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, December 27 8pm  
THE CASE OF THE HOBO’S NEW YEAR: When someone does Harry Nile a good turn like, oh say save his life, our boy goes out of his way to return the favor even if it means spending New Years under ground.

STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT: A space ship lands on an old farm and is discovered by a young girl who agrees not to tell anyone about the “Starman.”

Sunday, December 25 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, December 29 8pm
THE ADVENTURE OF THE BITTEREST SEASON: Episode 127 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” The Christmas season of 1888 finds the newly married Watson gone from Baker Street and Holmes taking on a murder investigation at the behest of his brother Mycroft. (NEW)

THE SANTA TEST: It’s Kincaid, the Strangeseeker, hot on the trail of Kris Kringle. A young girl claims to have undeniable proof of the existence of Santa Claus in this holiday episode WEEK 1,083