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Saturday, October 15 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 18 8pm
THE REIGATE SQUIRES: Episode 57 of the “Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” One of the least known of the original Holmes tales this is a story of murder, strange thefts and The Great Detective’s favorite way to spend a holiday.                                                                                                                               HARRY’S LUCK: What’s the real reason Harry decided to move from Los Angeles to Seattle in 1950 and why does it involve a beautiful blonde and blackmail?

Sunday, October 16 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, October 20 8pm
THE MORIARTY REVELATION PART TWO Episode 124 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Holmes and Watson continue their investigation into the potentially disastrous scheme hatched buy extreme elements in the government and find further frightening evidence of Moriarty’s return. (NEW)                                                                                                               AUTHENTICITY: A wealthy Texan has a six hundred-year-old English manor house moved to his Dallas estate, but he doesn’t know all of the details included in the deal. Sometimes the price of owning the past can be too high. WEEK 1,074

Saturday, October 22 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 25 8pm
THE CRIMSON PICTURE: Once again Daniel McGachey’s investigator and collector of the strange and unusual Dr. Lawrence heads our Halloween offering for this year. In this tale of inner demons we find that an artist’s gift is also his greatest curse, a curse that leads to the doors of Hell.

Sunday, October 23 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, October 27 8pm
THE MORIARTY REVELATION PART THREE: Episode 125 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” As the investigation staggers, Holmes and Watson are more convinced then ever they are dealing with the long thought of as dead Napoleon of Crime, Professor Moriarty. (NEW)

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR: How is it that no one saw the new neighbors move in and who are all those strange people going in and out of their house? WEEK 1,075

Saturday, October 29 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 1 8pm
HELL ON EARTH:  A double length adventure of Kincaid, the Strangeseeker. Who is Betty Noire and why does she want to ruin Kincaid’s reputation? What is the secret of the mysterious videocassette that the Strangeseeker has spent two years trying to figure and why has Mr. Abaddon returned?

Sunday, October 30 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, November 3 8pm
BEHIND THE MASQUES: In life we all wear masks to hide many things from the world. Emotions and the like that might not be understood if we’re completely honest. This tale of many masks and what they hide from view are the stuff of nightmares. (NEW)   WEEK 1,076

Saturday, November 5 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 8 8pm
POWDER RIVER: “Pennies on a Dead Mans Eyes” Britt finds a dying stranger on the trail and brings him to Clearmont. Unable to speak and with no one knowing who he is, we live the strangers entire life as it flickers before our eyes.

PERMANENT WAVES: A story about a beauty parlor that caters to both women and men. Oh yes, and on this occasion an escaped convict.

Sunday, November 6 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, November 10 8pm
POWDER RIVER: “GUN FIGHT AT CAMARGO” Britt, Dawes, Doc, and Cheyenne, have crossed the Rio Grande in pursuit of Clegg’s Gang, who have taken Levi, Andy, and Laurel prisoner. They finally meet in a fiery shootout on the streets of Camargo. (NEW) TICONDEROGA “THE NARROWS” As the English Army marches on Fort Carillon, Captain Taylor is given the task of taking barges down the La Chute River filled with gunpowder, directly under the noses of the French Fort. (NEW) WEEK 1,077

Saturday, November 12 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 15 8pm
MISSING MURPHY: Episode 278 of The Adventures of Harry Nile. Everyone knows that when you think of Harry Nile you think of Murphy. Some people would say they’re two halves of the same person. So when Murph is kidnapped is it any wonder that Harry steps out of character to get her back safely?

NINE POINTS OF THE LAW: Raffles is a bit hard up for cash so he answers a newspaper advertisement and finds he’s being interviewed for a job as… a thief.

Sunday, November 13 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, November 17 8pm
THE MORIARTY REVELATION PART FOUR: Episode 126 of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” The conclusion of our four part serial, or is it? Holmes and Watson at last come face to face with the master mind behind the murders and the theft of the gold but is he the criminal they thought they were chasing? (NEW)

AVALANCHE: A man is rescued from the aftermath of an avalanche and wakes up in a hospital convinced that Ronald Reagan is still president. WEEK 1,078

Saturday, November 19 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 22 8pm
HERE’S TO CRIME: Episode Nineteen of “The Hilary Caine Mysteries.” A quiet luncheon at a respectable dining establishment in a popular seaside resort, a perfect setting wouldn’t you say for a double homicide? Oddly though Hilary’s not too happy about it. THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE: In this episode of KINCAID THE STRANGESEEKER, has Shelly finally meet the man of her dreams? Or will he turn out to be someone from her nightmares? Featuring Richard Sanders from “WKRP in Cincinnati”.