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Saturday, February 14  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, February 17  8:00pm

The Strangeseeker “Dead in the Water”

An infestation of an extraterrestrial nature traps the Strangeseeker and others aboard a research ship and there’s a time bomb about to go off. On top of which there’s no chance of escape.

“Aloha Means Goodbye”

A trip to Hawaii makes Harry a happy P. I. until it all turns nasty. Featuring Richard Sanders from “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Sunday, February 15  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday February 19  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Beast of Hyndford” (New)

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t believe in the supernatural nor does he have much time for those who do, but when a young woman comes to him and fears she is being haunted by the ghost of her dead baby the Great Detective puts his skepticism aside to come to her aid.

“There’s Something I Didn’t Tell You”

The first year of marriage is the hardest; thats when all of the secrets come out, right? Oh, yeah, especially the one about murder.

Saturday, February 21  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday February 24  8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “Silver Blaze”

One of the top ten of the original Conan Doyle stories and the one that asks the famous question about”… the curious incident of the dog in the night.”

“Bum Steer”

Is a company CEO developing a bad case of paranoia or does a street person really know his firms deepest secrets?

Sunday, February 22  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, February 26  8:00pm

Mr. Darnborough Investigates “Death ex Machina” (New)

Once again England’s dapper young amateur sleuth of the 1920’s is called upon to apply his skills to a case involving a murder. This time it’s for the British government and as with anything involving bureaucrats all is not as it seems.

“Natural Causes”

A coffee addicted computer whiz suddenly dies from “natural causes” shortly after he demonstrates his latest invention for the Kincaid, Strangeseeker.

Saturday, February 28  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, March 3  8:00pm

Powder River “The Fight”

Doc and Millie have their first fight as a married couple and it’s a whooper. Plus a stranger has to come to town and it may mean trouble for Britt and Chad.

Sunday, March 1  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 5  8:00pm

Powder River “Pennies on a Dead Mans Eyes” (New)

Britt finds a dying stranger on the trail and brings him to Clearmont. Unable to speak and with no one knowing who he is, we live the strangers entire life as it flickers before eyes.

“Permanent Waves”

A story about a beauty parlor that caters to both women and men. Oh yes, and on this occasion an escaped convict.

Saturday, March 7  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, March 10  8:00pm

The Hilary Caine Mysteries “Playing the Innocent”

Hilary Caine is on holiday in the Bahamas without a single dead body in sight… almost. She’s got one deceased British diplomat and far too many people confessing to the murder.

“The Cubicle”

A timid office worker is terrified by what happens to him whenever he sits down to work in his tiny new cubicle. Featuring Richard Sanders of “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Sunday, March 8  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 12  8:00pm

The Classic Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes “The Three Students”

This time It’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story of opportunism, cheating and lost honor.

“Time Zone”

A visitor from the 1990’s mistakenly lands in the 1930’s. Featuring “Night Court” and “Dave’s World” star Harry Anderson.

Saturday, March 14  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, March 17  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “A Case of Unfinished Business”

It’s May of 1891 and Dr. Watson is grieving the death of his friend Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland however, Holmes is not dead, as the world will find out in three years time, but he has a bit of business to take care before he leaves London. A bit of business involving his friend and biographer John H. Watson

“Tell Me No Lies”

Anthony Rathe returns in another story written expressly for Imagination Theatre. An unfaithful wife is brutally murdered and all of the evidence points to the husband. Everyone, including Rathe, thinks he did it, so why is Anthony trying to prove him innocent?

Sunday, March 15  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 19  8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry Nile “Harry and the Hobos” (New)

Harry Nile seems to have a problem recalling certain things. In the episode called “The Trip Back” he’d forgotten most of 1939. Now he’s lost himself, literally, and he needs to remember because it looks like he may have murdered someone.

“Last Chance”

Lost in the desert on his last legs, a fleeing felon considers suicide, until he encounters unlikely opposition. Featuring the Professor from “Gilligan’s Island”, Russell Johnson.

Saturday, March 21 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, March 24  8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry Nile “The Out-of Towner”

You know Harry Nile’s gonna have a bad day when he sees a guy being kidnapped and thrown into the back of a truck. Our boy gives chase and a rug flies out of the truck hits his car and causes him to run off the road. Couldn’t get worse you? How about if there’s a dead body wrapped up in the rug?

“The House on Brookside Lane”

Why would someone pay a million dollars for a sixty-year old middle class house?

Sunday, March 22  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 26  8:00pm

Phoenix Rising “Lack of Evidence” (New)

It’s a case of he said, he said as Dena Rising and her partner Ross Duarte investigate the murder of a brand new lottery winner.

“The Final Chapter”

No ghosts or goblins this time for Kincaid, just a good old-fashioned case of murder and mystic music.