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Saturday, October 11  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, October 14  8:00pm

War Comes to Harry Nile “The Day After”

It’s December 8th 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Harry has tried to enlist in every service but the girl scouts and gets a “no” from all of them. He’s 4-F, unfit for duty. Our boy is frustrated and unhappy when he’s sent a new client from shyster lawyer Marvin Asher, a client Harry would like to throw down the stairs.

“The Big Bang”

Meet Rip Sawyer a cross between a Neanderthal and a saint, hardboiled with an eye for justice and a vintage car.

Sunday, October 12  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, October 16  8:00pm

“Rosie Rides Agains” (New)

In September of 1957 Elvis Presley brought his swiveling hips and hard rockin’ music to Seattle for a concert and Harry Nile’s childhood friend Rosie O’Grady came to town see Harry, catch the concert and as it turns out to help our boy solve a murder.

“Heaven Doesn’t Take Plastic”

An investigator is hired to find out if a New Age cult is the reason a successful family owned business is headed for the dumpster. If it is, then he’s to put a stop to it….any way he can.

Saturday, October 18  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, October 21  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Profligate’s Plea” (New)

Sherlock Holmes has been challenged many, many times but never by a murder victim. The dead man, in a letter to Holmes, is convinced that the Great Detective will have met his match with this one.

“Alliance in Blood”

A series of killings in a small Colorado town brings TV reporters, with one finding out more than is safe…for someone! Featuring “WKRP in Cincinnati” star Richard Sanders.

Sunday, October 19  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, October 23  8:00pm

“Power Trip Part 2″ (New)

In part one Kincaid and Shelly were in a remote jungle searching for a deadly plant when they were captured by the proverbial mad scientist. Now we learn more about his dark experiments and meet a new threat whose very presence causes death.

“The Highlander’s Letter”

In his investigation of one of the cruelest of all hoaxes, Sherlock Holmes must enlist the aid of his brother Mycroft. Together with Dr. Watson they have to prevent a massacre and a young woman’s death.

 Saturday, October 25  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, October 28  8:00pm

“The Amber Room Hunters Part 2″

The hunt for the famous lost 8th wonder of the modern world heats up and things get nasty in the conclusion of this exciting adventure that’s a cross between Indiana Jones and…well you be the judge.

Sunday, October 26  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, October 30  8:00pm

“Maestro: The Demon of Sacre Mere” (New)

Three of the great minds of history take on the fires of Hell and a demon in order to save the world. Plus another ally is a man not born of woman.