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Saturday, November 29  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, December 2  8:00pm

“Adventure of the Venomous Lizard”

A rare meeting of two of the heroes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, Sherlock Holmes and from the novel “The Lost World” Professor Challenger. These gentlemen, along with Dr. Watson, probe the mysterious death of a man who didn’t die from what everyone is certain killed him.

“Comedy in Three Acts”

A hard luck actor tries a unique approach to paying his gambling

Sunday, November 30  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, December 4  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Singular Affair at Sissinghurst Castle” (New)
Holmes and Watson are engaged to prove that there isn’t any treasure on the grounds of Sissinghurst Castle while an American entrepreneur appears desperate to prove there is. Just how desperate is the question.

“Dear Mr. Carstairs”

This is the all too familiar story of the “little guy” vs. the conglomerate. However, this time the outcome isn’t such a foregone conclusion. Guest starring Richard Sanders of “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Saturday, December 6  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, December 9  8:00pm

Power River “Clearmont”

It’s the Season Five finale of your favorite western and time for a bit of reflection or is it an alternate universe? Since when is Chad the Deputy for Sheriff Clem and do you remember Star and Millie running the general store together, how did we miss the wedding of Sandy and Britt? Well, it isn’t a dream so just what is going on.

“A Season for Killing”

Hired by an old time comedian to find out who’s been shooting holes in his apartment building: Harry Nile has to “almost” perform a good deed to solve the case.

Sunday, December 7  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, December 11  8:00pm

Powder River “The Wild West Show”

Britt and Levi travel to Sheridan Wyoming and meet  Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, rain bandits and maybe murderer.

Saturday, December 13 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, December 16  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Reluctant Host”

In March of 1881 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson decoded to share rooms at 221B Baker Street, now it’s December of that year and the two are about to celebrate their first Christmas under that roof. Or are they? They’re still fairly new at this roommate business and the murder of an old friend could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

“Christmas in Paradise”

Harry Nile is asked to investigate the robbery of a downtown mission’s poor box. Starring Phil Harper.

Sunday, December 14 8:00pm (New)

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, December 18  8:00pm

War Comes to Harry Nile “Just to See Her Smile” (New)

It’s Christmas time 1943 and Harry Nile is hired to find out who sabotaged some important work at a Hollywood studio that makes nothing but cartoons. So why is it so hush – hush and who the blazes is Private Snafu? Starring Larry Albert.

“The Mary Christmas Caper”

Harry Nile helps a woman who finds herself alive on Christmas Eve, but with no memory of who she is or how she ended up in a stolen car. Starring Phil Harper.

Saturday, December 20  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, December 23  8:00pm

“What Ever Happened to Santa Claus”

This prizewinning script from our third annual writers contest takes an incisive look into the private world of Old Saint Nick, how he handles labor questions, his marriage and what’s really behind that secret list of who’s naughty or nice

“Stranger at the Door”

Imagination Theatre’s Christmas perennial returns. A young couple’s marriage is threatened by the death of their infant son. An unexpected caller on Christmas Eve may or may not be the answer. Guest starring Russell Johnson from “Gilligan’s Island.

Sunday, December 21  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, December 25  8:00pm

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Deadly Tradition” (new)
Never fully trust the evidence of your own eyes, a maxim that Sherlock Holmes must put into place to get to the bottom of two murders.

“The Man Who Believed in Nothing”

In this Victorian Christmas story Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are out to recover a troubled priest’s most precious possession, his faith.

Saturday, December 27  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Tuesday, December 30  8:00pm

“Always Leave ‘Em Wanting More”

A special double length episode that takes us back to the Chicago of the late 1930’s during Harry Nile’s days as a rookie cop and a married man. Starring Phil Harper.


A brief moment of quiet reflection.

Sunday, December 28  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast: Thursday, January 1  8:00pm

“Shrink Wrapped”

The government wants the crew from IC to look into the theft of a good many high level secrets. Why come to Kincaid, the StrangeSeeker? Because he can get into places Q-tips can’t.

“A Woman’s Work is Never Done”

An embittered farmer lives to regret the enslavement of his wife, who died never knowing her heart’s desire. Guest starring Russell Johnson from “Gilligan’s Island and Kathryn Shield from Kincaid, the StrangeSeeker.