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Saturday, March 21 8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, March 24  8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry Nile “The Out-of Towner”

You know Harry Nile’s gonna have a bad day when he sees a guy being kidnapped and thrown into the back of a truck. Our boy gives chase and a rug flies out of the truck hits his car and causes him to run off the road. Couldn’t get worse you? How about if there’s a dead body wrapped up in the rug?

“The House on Brookside Lane”

Why would someone pay a million dollars for a sixty-year old middle class house?

Sunday, March 22  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 26  8:00pm

Phoenix Rising “Lack of Evidence” (New)

It’s a case of he said, he said as Dena Rising and her partner Ross Duarte investigate the murder of a brand new lottery winner.

“The Final Chapter”

No ghosts or goblins this time for Kincaid, just a good old-fashioned case of murder and mystic music.

Saturday, April 4  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, April 7  8:00pm

Powder River “The Thanksgiving Story”

Levi’s aunt and uncle arrive in Clearmont to take him back to Ohio. Jacob and Matt look for gold in the Powder River after Jacob discovers a nugget.

Sunday, April 5  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, April 9  8:00pm

Powder River “The Rustlers” (New)

Cattle rustlers, in need of a doctor, kidnap Millie in the belief that Doc will come after her.

“The Ardagh Emeralds”

Episode 10. Can Raffles be so down on his luck as to be reduced to playing the gigolo to a wealthy man’s daughter, or is there another goal in his mind?

Saturday, April 11  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, April 14  8:00pm

“The Dark Beneath the Dark”

We all look into that dark corner of a house or a forest with the sure knowledge that we would be able to penetrate the gloom with the right source of light. But what about that stygian blackness which no light can pierce how do we deal with that and just what if anything might exist there?

“The Ripper Inheritance”

In this special double length story, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson race against time to stop an insane killer who takes the fingers of his victim’s right hand as souvenirs.

Sunday, April 12  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, April 16  8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of Crooked Man” (New)

First published in 1893 this is a tale of murderous jealousy, monstrous deceit, and fatal retribution all done under the guise of love.

“Second Ending”

What if by the flick of a switch or the click of a button you could get back an hour of your life anytime you wanted?

Saturday, April 18  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, April 21  8:00pm

“The Case of the Goggled Girl”

In Harry Nile’s experience it’s usually the father of the rich girl who wants the prospective fiancée checked out but in this case it’s the girl who wants the boyfriend looked into. Why, because her father likes him.

Raffles, The Gentleman Thief “A Long Night”

His identity discovered, Raffles is forced to commit to a burglary or Bunny’s life is forfeit. Can he turn the tables, save his friend and still make a profit?

Sunday, April 19  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Thursday, April 23  8:00pm

The Hilary Caine Mysteries “Dead to the World” (New)

In this special double-length story Hilary has finally come to the attention of British film industry and the filming of “The Adventures of Hilary Caine” is under way. However, someone tries to make the picture a bit too realistic by committing a real murder.

Saturday, April 25  8:00pm

Encore Broadcast Tuesday, April 28  8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot”

This tale is over 100 years old and it still offers one of the finest mysteries Sherlock Holmes ever investigated. Three people sitting around a table playing cards when for no apparent reason two of them are driven insane and the third dies frothing at the mouth.


A dramatic story of a shelter for abused women.

Sunday, April 26  8:00pm (New)

Encore Broadcast Thursday, April 30  8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry Nile “Murder on the Empire Builder” (New)

What should have been a no-brainer assignment for our boy turns into an Agatha Christie type murder mystery, only this time it’s for real.

“The Gate Keeper”

A hidden chamber in an old variety theatre, scheduled for destruction, is revealed during an earthquake. Is this where we find out what really killed vaudeville? Featuring “Golden Age” radio actors Herb.