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Saturday, October 3 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 6 8:00pm

Powder River: “Happily Ever After”  It’s a big day coming up in Clearmont for Doc and Millie. They’re gonna get hitched and the whole town is getting ready for the shindig. The ceremony looks like it’s gonna come off without a hitch, but, if that happens we wouldn’t have much of a story, would we.

Kincaid, the Strangeseeker: “Appointment In Time”  Kincaid, the Strangeseeker returns in a story that has to happen because if it didn’t happen, it could change the course of History.


Sunday October 4 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, October 8 8:00pm

Powder River: “The Man of the Week”  Erica runs a “Man of the Week” feature in the Clearmont Bugle, and Dawes, Esther and Etta think they are the best candidates. Meanwhile, Jacob prepares to return to his job as deputy. (NEW)

Ticonderoga: “The Wilderness Trail” As Taylor, Captain Campbell, and Dagadawidah journey onward to Fort Carillon, they once again encounter young Adam Cobbs and the evil Lord Fenwick. (NEW)  WEEK 1,020


Saturday, October 10 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 13 8:00pm

The Adventures of Harry NIle: “Rosie Rides Again” In September of 1957 Elvis Presley brought his swiveling hips and hard rockin’ music to Seattle for a concert and Harry Nile’s childhood friend Rosie O’Grady came to town see Harry, catch the concert and as it turns out to help our boy solve a murder.

Heaven Doesn’t Take Plastic: An investigator is hired to find out if a New Age cult is the reason a successful family owned business is headed for the dumpster. If it is, then he’s to put a stop to it … any way he can.


Sunday, October 11 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, October 15 8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:”The Solitary Cyclist” Episode 56 of the Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, first published in 1903 this is one of the most famous of the later Holmes stories. It deals with deception, greed and a twisted form of love. (NEW)                                                                                                                                    The Adventures of Harry Nile: “The Case of the Hot Yacht” Harry Nile is hired to find a man who has to give up a ninety-foot yacht when his inheritance is overturned. WEEK 1,021


Saturday, October 17 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 20 8:00pm

Kincaid, the Strangeseeker: “Power Trip Part Two”   In part one Kincaid and Shelly were in a remote jungle searching for a deadly plant when they were captured by the proverbial mad scientist. Now we learn more about his dark experiments and meet a new threat whose very presence causes death. (NEW)                                                                                                                 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: “The Highlanders’s Letter” In his investigation of one of the cruelest of all hoaxes, Sherlock Holmes must enlist the aid of his brother Mycroft. Together with Dr. Watson they have to prevent a massacre and a young woman’s death..


Sunday, October 18 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday October 22 8:00pm

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: “The Reigate Squires” episode 56. One of the least known of the original Holmes tales this is a story of murder, strange thefts and The Great Detectives favorite way to spend a holiday (NEW)

The Adventures of Harry Nile: “Harry’s Luck” What’s the real reason Harry decided to move from Los Angeles to Seattle in 1950 and why does it involve a beautiful blonde and blackmail? WEEK 1,022



Saturday, October 24 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 27 8:00pm

Maestro: “The Demon of Sacre Mere” Three of the great minds in history take on the fires of Hell and a demon in order to save the world. Plus another ally is a man not born of woman.

Sunday, October 25 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, October 29 8:00pm

The Crimson Picture: Once again Daniel McGachey’s investigator and collector of the strange and unusual Dr. Lawrence heads our Halloween offering for this year. In this tale of inner demons and we find that an artist’s gift is also his greatest curse, a curse that leads to the doors of Hell. (NEW) WEEK 1,023


Saturday, October 31 8:00pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, November 3 8:00pm

The Beacon: A new tale of the macabre from Scottish writer Daniel McGachey (“They That Dwell in Dark Places” and “Shadow in the Stacks.”) This is the story of the keepers of a lighthouse based on a small island three miles from shore. There is a storm raging outside, the gale force winds howling into the night where no ship would be safe on the open sea, when suddenly, someone or something is knocking on the outside door for entrance.

Boomerang: When a convict returns home he has definite plans for the individual responsible for his long state sponsored “vacation.” WEEK 1,024