Puget Sound Access

Interesting guests and compelling conversations about local issues.

Sunday, November 29
5:30am –

With charges of racism and police brutality in the national news almost weekly, we take time this week to see if Seattle and the northwest escaped these issues.
Our guests this week are President Gerald Hankerson and Communications Chair Rachael DeCruz from the Seattle King County branch of the NAACP. We’ll look for lessons to be learned as well as systemic changes that can be made for a better community that we all share.
The Seattle King County NAACP is 102 years old and is an all-volunteer organization.
Learn more online at www.seattlekingcountynaacp.org

Sunday, November 22
5:30am –

This week we are joined by the President of the Assistance League of the Eastside, Jen Mayo and the past President Anya Rudd.
The Assistance League of the Eastside is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that puts caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic programs to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults touched by hardship or violence.
Jen and Anya share the wonderful impact that their Operation School Bell program has on kids and their families when they receive brand new clothes each year as school starts. Over the last 20 years Operation School Bell has clothed close to 40,000 children in three east King County school districts.
One of their prime fundraisers for such work is their annual Celebrations Holiday Home Tour coming up Friday, December 4th in the Redmond area. The Home Tour is a self-guided tour of local homes beautifully decorated for the holidays.
Learn more about Assistance League of the Eastside or purchase tickets to the Home Tour online at www.eastside.assistanceleague.org

Sunday, November 15
5:30am –

This week art and science meet as we discuss the interconnections of the 6000 mile ecosystem from the Baja peninsula to the Beaufort Sea in the arctic with world renowned wildlife and nature photographer Florian Shulz. Adding to the discussion is Executive Director of his book publisher Braided River Helen Cherullo. Braided River is the publishing arm of the conservation group The Mountaineers, and they have just published Florian’s new book The Wild Edge: Freedom To Roam the Pacific Coast.
Florian spent eight years taking awesome pictures that not only inspire, but show how many parts of our world are connected and count on the health of each part to sustain the whole.
Learn more online at www.braidedriver.org or www.visionsofthewild.com

Sunday, November 8
5:30am –

As Veterans Day approaches we take a look at some of the issues veterans face as they transition from military life to that of a civilian.
Joining us this week are R.J. Amador, Veterans Consultant, and Christina Sciabarra, Associate Director at Bellevue College’s Project Succeed.
Project Succeed helps veterans, as well as active military and their spouses,and dependents find jobs, career opportunities, and career assistance in many forms.
The discussion covers aspects of how veterans needs and use of the community college system differ from more typical students and the resources that not only Bellevue College offers, but most colleges and universities do as well.
Learn more online at www.bellevuecollege.edu/projectsucceed or www.bellevuecollege.edu/veterans

Sunday, November 1
5:30am –

This week our guests are from Congregations for the Homeless.
Executive Director Steve Roberts and Director of Advancement Katherine Jordan tell us of the more than 20 year commitment of CFH as the only shelter resource for men experiencing homelessness on the eastside. Congregations for the Homeless are opening their winter shelter to ensure no one has to spend the cold nights outside.
The success of CFH is discussed with much credit given to their individual approach to managing each man’s needs.
Learn more online online at www.cfhomeless.org

Sunday, October 25
5:30am –

This week we’ll speak with the Executive Director of Ventures, a local non-profit that provides access to business training, capital, and coaching to empower entrepreneurs that have limited resources.
Joining the discussion is Sal Munoz, owner of Sal Floral Design. Sal took advantage of the opportunities to learn the business skills needed to make his business a success in Seattle.
Learn more online at www.venturesnonprofit.org