Puget Sound Access

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Sunday, November 19
5:30am –

Just one percent of the population in Seattle/King County is Native American, yet it makes up about seven percent of the homeless population.
Our guest today is Colleen Echohawk, the Executive Director of the Chief Seattle Club. The Chief Seattle Club works to provide sacred space to nurture, affirm and renew the spirit of urban Native people, and they have been doing it for 47 years.
Located in the Pioneer Square area, the Chief Seattle Club not only provides the most basic needs to homeless American Indians and Native Alaskans, but also utilizes the cultures, languages, and traditions in the healing process with gathering circles, an art studio, and special events and outings. Colleen tells us that this uniqueness makes club members feel they are welcomed and valued.
Learn more online at www.chiefseattleclub.org or look for them on Facebook, Instagram, and follow Colleen on twitter @cechohawk

Sunday, November 12
5:30am –

If there’s one thing that we could use more of it’s Love!
Joining us this week are Kristine Moreland, President, and Jeff Lanctot, Vice President of The MORELove Project.
The MORELove Project serves the homeless in downtown Seattle by not only offering food, blankets, and referrals to shelters; but by constantly being present for this overlooked population, they are changing lives and spreading love.
Kristine and Jeff tell us about the difference in people that comes by providing them with the simple gift of personal dignity.
Funds are short at this time and donations are necessary to continue their work.
Learn more about The MORELove Project online at www.themoreloveproject.org


Sunday, November 5
5:30am –

Joining us this week are Kurt Beecher Dammeier and Sara Morris. Kurt is the founder of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Mishima Reserve Beef, and Sara is the President of The Beecher’s Foundation, the non-profit philanthropic wing of Kurt’s businesses.
After teaching over 100,000 area 4th and 5th graders how to be “food detectives” with the Pure Food Kids Workshops, the Beecher’s Foundation has now turned its attention to adults in the form of a Sound Food Uprising, looking to change the demand for overly processed, heavily sugared, additive laden foods through adult food education.
The Sound Food Uprising workshops are two part sessions that focus on what’s wrong with our food, and how to fix it.
Learn more online about how to participate in a workshop at www.soundfooduprising.org and www.beechersfoundation.org


Sunday, October 29
5:30am –

Joining us this week from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo are Gorilla Keeper Stephanie Payne-Jacobs and Mammal Curator Martin Ramirez.
Stephanie and Martin discuss the use of Species Survival Plans that the Association of Zoos and Aquariums use as a tool to further that part of their mission to save wildlife and wild spaces.
Zoos are well positioned to reach millions of people each year with the opportunity to connect us with nature, while at the same time educate us about conservation issues around the globe.
Stephanie tells the story of one of Woodland Park’s Silverback gorillas, Leonel, to demonstrate the effectiveness of these Species Survival Plans.
Learn more online at www.zoo.org/conservation


Sunday, October 22
5:30am –

This week we’ll talk about the unfortunate crime of domestic violence with the Executive Director of LifeWire Rachel Krinsky and Becky, a domestic violence survivor and current volunteer with LifeWire.
LifeWire is the state’s largest domestic violence organization that works with the community to provide services to victims as well as to prevent domestic violence through advocacy and education.
Becky shares her personal story that not only gives us insight into the dynamics of domestic violence, but shines light on the great work done by LifeWire in getting victims a new life beyond their past.
LifeWire operates a 24/7 crisis line: 425-746-1940 and 1-800-827-8840
Learn more online at www.lifewire.org

Sunday, October 15
5:30am –

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month we spend some time with folks from Komen Puget Sound. Executive Director David Richart and Director of Development Jennifer Teeler tell us of the aggressive emphasis that Komen Puget Sound is putting on metastatic cancer. When a breast cancer survivor is told that her cancer has returned but is now in her liver, bones, or brain, the answers to new questions are fewer and less positive.
Komen Puget Sound also has a bold goal of cutting the number of breast cancer deaths in half by 2026 and are funding research to achieve that goal.
Learn more online at www.komenpugetsound.org


Sunday, October 8
5:30am –

This week we speak with Betsy Robertson, the Communications/Program Manager for the American Red Cross Northwest Region.
Betsy was on the ground with a Red Cross team as hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. She relates the human stories she saw as well as the systems and logistics that the Red Cross are so good at providing in such an emergency. The Red Cross responds to emergencies large and small with a large volunteer force and are always training more people.
Learn more online at www.redcross.org/local/washington