Puget Sound Access

Interesting guests and compelling conversations about local issues.

Sunday, June 28
5:30am –

Joining us this week from The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust are Communications Manager Margaret Ullman-Hess, Board Member Vik Sahney, and Technical Advisory Council Member Katherine Hollis.
The Mountains to Sound Greenway is a 1.5 million-acre landscape that conserves a healthy and sustainable relationship between land and people by balancing built and natural environments.
The Trust leads efforts to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. The discussion centers around the current push to have the MTS Greenway designated by Congress as a National Heritage Area; as well as the many recreation opportunities available.
Learn more online at www.mtsgreenway.org

Sunday, June 21
5:30am –

This week we speak with two volunteers for the American Cancer Society; Steve Whitner and Ryan Adams.
For over 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer. Together with millions of volunteers like Steve and Ryan, they fight back against cancer by raising awareness and funds for research and patient support programs.
Ryan has been involved in Relay For Life, the signature fundraising event for ACS that started right here in the Pacific Northwest. Ryan describes the nature of a Relay as not only a 24 hour walk of fundraising teams, but as an emotional ride that delivers deep meaning for cancer survivors and their loved ones.
Meanwhile, Steve is a volunteer for Road To Recovery; a program that provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. Volunteer drivers donate their time and the use of their cars so that patients can receive the life-saving treatments they need.
Learn more online at www.relayforlife.org  www.cancer.org or call the 24 hour hotline at 1800-227-2345.

Sunday, June 14
5:30am –

This week we have a fascinating discussion with Doctoral Candidate Alissa Jerud from the University of Washington Department of Psychology.
Alissa is part of the UW’s Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress and part of her research is looking at the transmission of anxiety from parent to child. One aspect of the study is looking at how children whose parents have PTSD learn to distinguish between cues of threat and safety in order to further elucidate how parental anxiety, specifically PTSD, impacts children.
They need participants who have experienced trauma, have PTSD, and have children between ages 8 and 11. Participants are paid for their involvement and are given referral for therapy if needed.
Learn more or volunteer online at www.parentchildstudy.com or call 206-685-90433.

Sunday, June 7
5:30am –

Are you ready for a Seattle summer of fun? Our guests this week are Beth Knox, President, and Ian Tolmie, Air Show Chairman from Seafair.
Seafair is Seattle’s annual summertime celebration and Beth and Ian give us the inside scoop on the when and where as well as what’s new at this year’s Seafair. From the Pirates landing at Alki Beach, the Torchlight Parade, to the Boeing Air Show and Albert Lee Appliance Cup on Lake Washington, Seafair has something for everyone.
Seafair’s Kickoff Ceremony takes place Wednesday, June 10th at noon at Westlake Center.
Learn more online at www.seafair.com

Sunday, May 31
5:30am –

This week we learn how to turn your passion for running and training into raising money for a great cause.
Kelsey Hubbard is the Senior Campaign Manager and Dorothy Gorman is a participant, recruiter, and captain with Team In Training; part of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Washington/Alaska chapter.
Team In Training will get you in shape for that marathon or half marathon that has been your goal for so long while at the same time give you the tools and resources to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
Leukemia and Lymphoma are blood cancers that have no cure or known cause…yet. The LLS supports and encourages basic and translational leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research. Blood cancer research relates readily to other forms of cancer, therefore research sponsored by LLS is of vital importance.
Learn more online at www.lls.org/wa and www.teamintraining.org

Sunday, May 24
5:30am –

Our guests this week are from Washington State’s Guaranteed Education Tuition program, better known as GET. Betty Lochner is the Executive Director and Ryan Betz is the Associate Director of Marketing & Communications.
The GET program is now in its 17th year and has been offering students and their families a way to save for a college education by the purchase of tax free tuition credits guaranteed to keep pace with in-state tuition.
Betty and Ryan discuss the advantages and flexibility of the GET program and share the many ways parents, grandparents, family and friends can easily participate in paying for a child’s higher education that will be guaranteed by the State of Washington.
Learn more on line at www.get.wa.gov or follow their events on facebook at www.facebook.com/guaranteededucationtuition

Sunday, May 17
5:30am –

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s time once again for the Seattle International Film Festival. Our guests this week are Carl Spence, the Artistic Co-Director, and Beth Barrett, the Director of Programming at SIFF.
When the Seattle International Film Festival started in 1976 it was barely two weeks long and now it covers 25 days, involves 10 theaters, has participants from 92 countries, and will have more than 150,000 tickets sold.
In discussing some of the films that will be screened, Carl and Beth make a point of SIFF’s mission to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world, as well as to foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive.
The Seattle International Film Festival runs through June 7th.
Learn more online at www.siff.net