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Sunday, August 20
5:30am –

This week we have three guests to talk about supporting wounded service members. Brittney Hamilton is the Executive Director of Operation Ward 57, Brandon “Bonesaw” Jones is the Public Affairs spokesman with the Puget Sound Chapter of the Brothers In Arms Motorcycle Club, and Retired Staff Sergeant Chaz Allen will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Rock & Rally for The Troops on Saturday, September 9th in Tacoma.
Operation Ward 57 is hosting its 7th Annual Motorcycle Run & Music Festival to Benefit Wounded Service Members. The event will benefit wounded service members, their loved ones as well as those that aid in their recovery through the programs of Operation Ward 57, a non-profit that supports wounded warriors.
Learn more about Operation Ward 57 and the Rock & Rally For The Troops online.


Sunday, August 13
5:30am –

This week we hear from an emergency shelter for kids who find themselves suddenly forced into the foster care system; Safe Place.
Safe Place is part of Hand In Hand Kids, a non profit in Snohomish County founded by our guest, the Executive Director, Todd McNeal. Also joining us is the popular midday host of Movin’ 92.5, Justin Barnes.
Justin is also a member of a scooter club, the Soldiers of Destiny and they raise funds for Safe Kids through an annual event called Big Hearts & Backpacks.
One of the key messages Todd likes people to know about taking care of foster kids is that they are all of our kids and we can all help instead of waiting for a vague “them” to do something about it.
Big Hearts & Backpacks takes place on Thursday, August 24th at Pono Ranch in Ballard.
Buy tickets to the event and learn more about Hand In Hand and The Soldiers of Destiny online and Facebook.



Sunday, August 6
5:30am –

It’s August in Seattle and that means Seafair and hydroplanes.
Joining me this week are long-time hydroplane race announcer, Steve Montgomery and the Director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, David Williams.
Why this fascination with 6000 pound boats that barely touch the water as they race around Lake Washington? We get into Seafair history, boats, drivers and competition with two guys who have seen so much of it.
The museum also has a program to get a new generation of boat racers active with a start-up program called J-Hydros for families with young kids.
Learn more online at www.thunderboats.org


Sunday, July 30
5:30am –

This week we talk about leadership and what defines a leader with Mozart Guerrier, the Executive Director of 21 Progress.

21 Progress is a local non-profit that provides programs that enhance leadership development among the hard working people of the Puget Sound area. 21 Progress works to empower young people, immigrants, low-income communities, and people who are typically left on the sidelines when it comes to framing their own future as well as that of society’s as a whole.

Learn more online at www.21progress.org


Sunday, July 23
5:30am –

This week we meet Randy Shelton, the Board Chair with Salmon For Soldiers. Salmon For Soldiers is a non-profit that through free fishing trips for veterans, offers opportunities designed to help reduce stress while creating new relationships with others who love fishing.
Randy tells of the changes that can happen when something as simple as fishing with others of similar backgrounds for a few hours takes place in a non-judgemental atmosphere.
The many issues faced by our returning veterans is also discussed with the conclusion that Randy always comes back to “it’s survivable.”
Learn more online at www.salmonforsoldiers.com or follow them on Facebook.

Sunday, July 16
5:30am –

There’s a whole lot to do in the nearby Snoqualmie Valley and we’ll explore that with this week’s guests.
Jennifer McKeown is the Snoqualmie Program Manager with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, and Connor Inslee is the Interim CEO at Carnation Farms. The Mountains to Sound Greenway is made up of the watersheds in the 100 miles between Ellensburg and Seattle which includes the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley.
Jennifer and Connor tell us about a new and easy way to discover the valley: “Savor Snoqualmie Valley” is a community driven effort to celebrate and promote the local food and farms, arts and culture, heritage, outdoor activities, and independent businesses of the Snoqualmie Valley. It is coordinated by the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust in partnership with government, business, and community leaders across the valley.
Both the Mountains to Sound Greenway and Savor Snoqualmie Valley websites offer clever interactive ways to find fun and activities in the area.
Learn more online at http://savorsnoqualmievalley.org/ and http://mtsgreenway.org/ and https://www.carnationfarms.org/