Puget Sound Access

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Sunday, September 25
5:30am –

This week we get an update on the campaign to a Coal Free Washington from the Sierra Club. Robin Everett is the Lead Organizer and Doug Howell is the Senior Campaign Representative for the Washington chapter of The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal effort.
We learn that Puget Sound Energy produces about one third of its power by burning coal. In the past four years The Sierra Club has successfully influenced the citizens and politicians of our region to begin retiring the coal mine in Montana that Puget Sound Energy owns. The conversation also discusses the upcoming challenges of transitioning from other sources of power that produce green house gases, natural gas and oil.
Learn more online at www.sierraclub.org/washington


Sunday, September 18
5:30am –

The Seattle Repertory Theater is about to open their 2016 – 2017 season with a play that is as timely now as it was when it first debuted in 1959.
Artistic Director at The Rep Braden Abraham joins us this week to discuss A Raisin In The Sun and its relevance to today’s racial tensions. It opens on September 30th in the Bagley Wright Theater.
The Seattle Rep has a mission to not only entertain, but to challenge and enlighten theater goers in ways that help us view our own community with a different perspective.
The Rep will also produce the world premiere of Roz and Ray in October.
Learn more online at www.seattlerep.org or call 206-443-2222.


Sunday, September 11
5:30am –

This week we hear about new ways that builders are working toward constructing more environmentally friendly homes from Leah Missik, the Manager of Built Green. Built Green is a non-profit program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties that, through different levels of certification, encourage home builders to construct homes in a more Eco-friendly manner.
The benefits include monetary savings, healthier, more comfortable living, the conservation of natural resources, a healthier local habitat, and an overall reduction in our footprint on the only earth we’ve got.
Built Green is hosting their annual Built Green Conference this Tuesday, September 13th at Cascadia College in Bothell.
Learn more about Built Green and the conference online: www.builtgreen.net  www.builtgreenconference.net
Email Leah Missik directly – builtgreen@mbaks.com


Sunday, September 4
5:30am –

This week we ask the question (and get an answer) “What is etiquette and is it necessary?” Okay, that’s two questions, but you get the idea.
Sandi MacCalla is the Founder of Etiquette for You, a local business that teaches codes of behavior that define expectations social interaction, both personal and professional. Sandi tells us that etiquette is not only necessary today, but as we have entered a digital age, the need is expanding. Personal and business relationships can hinge on knowing what is acceptable as well as what the expectations are in various circumstances.
Learn more online at www.etiquetteforyou.com


Sunday, August 28
5:30am –

Our guests this week will show us how a small city can run a performing arts center and bring everyday benefits to the community. Joe Mclalwain is the Executive Director and Gillian Jones is the Director of Programming at the Edmonds Center for the Arts. (ECA) ECA is about to open their 10th season with such national touring artists like Bruce Hornsby, Rita Moreno, Arlo Guthrie, John Pizzarellli and more. They also have a wide variety of acts including comedy, acrobats, and choir.
A big part of their mission is their commitment to being part of the community; one of their unique programs is a Dementia-Inclusive Series, a line-up of arts programs designed to engage people with memory loss as well as their care partners.
Learn more online at www.ec4arts.org


Sunday, August 21
5:30am –

This week we’ll speak with Beto Yarce, the Executive Director of Ventures, a local non-profit that provides access to business training, capital, and coaching to empower entrepreneurs that have limited resources.
Joining the discussion is Sal Munoz, owner of Sal Floral Design. Sal took advantage of the opportunities to learn the business skills needed to make his business a success in Seattle.
Learn more online at www.venturesnonprofit.org


Sunday, August 14
5:30am –

Speaking with us this week are Killian Noe and David Uhl from Recovery Café in Seattle.
Recovery Café is not your typical social service agency; they run an actual café at 2022 Boren Avenue in downtown Seattle, but it is much more than that. It is a community of people recovering from their addictions and hard lives together…relying on each other with commitment and as Killian says “loving accountability.”
They have been successful enough over their 12 years that they are branching out with a Recovery Café Network.
Learn more about them online at www.recoverycafe.org and you can participate in raising money for them by having breakfast at their “Standing in the Gap” breakfast on September 22nd.