Puget Sound Access

Interesting guests and compelling conversations about local issues.

Sunday, July 31
5:30am –

This week our guests are from The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., President of the Foundation Board Barbara Ross, Braille Literacy Instructor Andrew Stauffer, and Development & Communications Coordinator Kelly Wakefield.
The Lighthouse for the Blind is a private nonprofit that has been providing employment, support, and training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities in Seattle since 1918.
The unemployment rate in the blind community has been 70% for years and Lighthouse is proud to be the number one employer of blind people west of the Mississippi.
Their employees make aerospace parts, office products, and a myriad of other machined products for customers such as The Boeing Company, the Federal Government, the U.S. Navy, and Microsoft.
They are having a Summer Garden Party in their Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden on Thursday, August 18th from 5 – 8 p.m. at their facility. 2501 South Plum Street in the Rainier Valley area of Seattle.
Learn more online at www.thelighthousefortheblindinc.org


Sunday, July 24
5:30am –

Our guest this week offers us a new perspective on how we approach homelessness in our community.
Rex Holbein is the Executive Director at Facing Homelessness. Rex and Facing Homelessness do not run their non-profit like others that are trying to end homelessness; instead of offering shelter beds or a soup kitchen, they are asking people to take action on a personal level. From something as simple as making eye contact with street person and saying hello, to directly giving them socks or a sleeping bag, or perhaps even inviting them into your home. Rex feels we need to move the place we look for answers to this complex problem from our heads to our hearts. He is an inspiring man to listen to and will definitely get you thinking.
Learn more on line at www.facinghomelessness.org or join their facebook community of more than 30,000.

Sunday, July 17
5:30am –

This week we talk about the need for more foster parents in our area with two Recruiter Liaisons from the non-profit group Fostering Together, Niki Hatzenbuehler and Erika Thompson.
Niki and Erika talk about the fact that there is only one licensed family for every three children in need of foster care. A diverse population of potential foster families are needed; including homes that can take up to three children, Native American families, Hispanic families, those willing to take medically fragile children, LGBT families, and those willing to take infant through 3 years old.
Learn more online at www.fosteringtogether.org


Sunday, July 10
5:30am –

This week we speak with Doug Howell the Senior Regional Representative and Robin Everett, the Associate Regional Representative from the local chapter of the Sierra Club.  The Sierra Club is the oldest environmental organization in the country, dating back to 1890 when John Muir founded it.
Today’s discussion focuses on Coal and the Sierra Club’s campaign to achieve a coal free northwest. It turns out that Puget Sound Energy gets a lot of its energy from a coal mine and plant in eastern Montana and the Sierra Club is trying to raise awareness of not only the environmental hazards, but that the economics of using coal does not make sense.
Doug and Robin also poke holes in the recent politically correct phrase “clean coal”.
To learn more visit www.coalfreenorthwest.org and http://www.sierraclub.org/washington


Sunday, July 3
5:30am –

Our guest today is Gayle Frink-Shulz, the Program and Services Director at the Behind the Badge Foundation.
Behind the Badge Foundation provides services and support to Washington State’s law enforcement families after a line of duty death or when an officer suffers a serious injury….not to mention hope and friendship.
Behind the Badge also maintains the Law Enforcement Memorial in Olympia that commemorates the lives, work and dedication of officers who have died in service to our state.
Gayle is a police widow herself and talks from the heart about the work of the Behind the Badge Foundation.
Learn more online at www.behindthebadgefoundation.org or call 425-747-7523.

Sunday, June 26
5:30am –

Seattle has a wealth of history and much of it is housed and displayed in the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).
Our guest this week is Leonard Garfield, the Executive Director at MOHAI.
MOHAI has been in their current building at South Lake Union for over two years now and with more display room and a more central location, they have been experiencing an uptick in visitors.
Opening in July is a touring exhibit called Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Leonard describes the unique way the exhibit will be displayed as well as what an exhibit like this can teach us about ourselves.
The Museum of History and Industry is open seven days a week with the first Thursday of each month having no entry fee.
Learn more online at www.mohai.org

Sunday, June 19
5:30am –

Seafair Is Summer! That’s the mantra this year from those wonderful folks who have brought us our annual summer celebration for 67 years now!
This week we speak with Seafair President and CEO Richard Anderson as well as the Chairman of the Seafair Clowns, Carl Jorgensen.
Seafair and the Clowns are both non-profit enterprises and the love of community is what keeps these guys going year after year.
Seafair has just crowned this year’s King Neptune and Queen Alcyone to officially get this 10 week party started.
Find your favorite event as well as a new one to enjoy with your family online at www.seafair.com and don’t forget to check out the clown site at www.seafairclowns.org