Remembering Andy Williams

Andy Williams held a special place in the pantheon of crooners.  His voice had a clarity and smooth texture very few could match.  And what a range!  Listen to Andy’s recording of the “Love Theme From The Godfather” and you’ll be amazed by his multi-octave voice that soared into the musical stratosphere.

Andy was a fixture on TV from the mid 1950s to the 1970s, with up to six different TV shows and all those memorable family-friendly Christmas specials.  You knew they were taped in the heat of Summer, but Andy had a way of welcoming you into his world and making you feel like you were in his living room on a snowy evening.  And nobody could sing a Christmas song quite like Andy.

Andy was responsible for giving The Osmond Family their start on his TV show.  Many other variety and music acts have Andy to thank for their notoriety.  Who else would have a large talking black bear as a regular feature on his show!

Andy’s first appearances were in his church choir, then with his three brothers as “The Williams Brothers Quartet.”  That was Andy and his brothers, backing up Bing Crosby on 1944’s “Singing On A Star”.  But his true fame came as a solo crooner.  Andy Williams performed over seven decades, and the shows at his “Moon River” theatre in Branson, Missouri have been an absolute must-see.  And Andy did not lip-sync to a pre-recorded soundtrack like so many artists.  When you saw Andy, you saw the real thing.

Andy racked up an incredible 18 Gold albums and 3 Platinum albums.  He always kept his family values, and was not ashamed of being known as a wholesome, down-home performer.  That’s who he was.

Andy died Tuesday night at his home in Branson, after a year-long battle with bladder cancer, he was 84.  And with Andy’s passing, another one of our icons is gone. We’ll always have his music, but it’s just a sad day.

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Photo by Piano Piano! / CC BY 2.0