Remembering Jack Morton

Jack Morton_KIXI_2016_CROPWe’ve  learned that Jack Morton passed away recently.  For those who weren’t around Seattle then, Jack owned Afternoon drivetime in the 70s on KVI-AM 570 when it was an MOR format.

We have lost a true talent and a singular personality.  Jack’s sense of humor was infectious, although he’d probably say something like “yes, and there’s a cream for that infection.” Who else could be identified by a single word “yesss”. As a fledgling radio kid back in the 70s I would listen to Jack on KVI.  I marveled at how much fun he was having despite his supposed lack of technical skill, or perhaps because of it.  Jack “The Super Commuter” made being stuck in afternoon traffic something to look forward to.

Jack Morton was one of the reasons I continued in radio and I was fortunate to work with him and learn from him at KVI.  More than 20 years later we were fortunate to be able to bring Jack back on KIXI for a couple of years.  He enjoyed his time on KIXI and we were far the richer for his presence.  Personally I was privileged to call Jack a friend, and I will miss him dearly.

Dan Murphy
KIXI Operations Manager