Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air

Every Sunday at 8pm, encore broadcast Thursday at 8pm.The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air is an award winning radio drama production company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Officially established in 1995 by Jerry Robbins and Mark Vander Berg, they have produced over 600 audio drama productions, including collaborations with such authors as Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Tree, Dandelion Wine, The Martian Chronicles), and Star Trek legend Walter Keonig (Buck Alice And The Actor Robot). Other productions include Zorro, The War of the Worlds, the musical  Jimmy And The Star Angel, and two popular series, Ticonderoga, and Powder River –  which has just completed taping its 12th season, and its 162nd episode. Colonial has won two Parents’ Choice Awards, six Ogle Awards, and has twice been nominated for the Audie Award by the American Audio Publishers Association.
Every Sunday at 8pm, a variety of entertaining programs.  The Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air has been producing contemporary Radio Theatre for 22 years. Get ready for something different and exciting every week of the month.  First week – Action and Adventure.  Second week – Mystery.  Third week – Drama.  Fourth week – comedy and Family.

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Ep. 01-03: Jeeves And The Unbidden Guest
Bertie Wooster is living the high life as an English gentleman in New York. But when he’s instructed to look after young Wilmot, a fearful drip who just happens to be the son of the fearsome Lady Malvern, matters become jolly complicated jolly quickly.


Ep. 01-03: The Housekeeper Cometh.
It’s Mrs. Thorn’s first day on the job and the house turns upside down with her schedule – and Jerry’s script deadline.