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Are you caring for an aging parent, spouse or loved one?  Are you looking for information about programs and services that address the complex issues facing seniors and their families right here in the Puget Sound?

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According to Glenworth Financial, one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, The average informal (unpaid/non-professional) caregiver provides over 20 hours of care per week at an average of 4.6 years of care.  Does this speak to you?

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My name is Ben Solomon, I am a Certified Senior Advisor and owner of Right At Home in-home care and assistance, our agency has been serving seniors and their families throughout King Snohomish Counties with nursing and caregiving support since 2004.  Our mission is to help improved the quality of life for those we serve with compassionate, reliable and expert care.

Over the years I have been approached by thousands of people in our community to help them understand and navigate the local senior care community.   Families have reached out to me to provide them with resources, advice, and solutions to help them reduce stress and anxiety in their lives and the lives of those they care for.

Although the world of senior care is quite complex, there are wonderful programs and resources right here in our community that once you are aware of, will help you feel empowered and more capable of meeting your challenges head on.

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