Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

twilight-zone_1You’re Traveling to Another Dimension … in Entertainment! From the mind of Rod Serling, the master of the macabre… The original 1960’s TV scripts are now compelling radio dramas with today’s favorite Hollywood stars.  Visit the online home of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas to meet the stars, see behind-the-scenes cast photos and more.



Saturday, March 10 9pm
“Mr. Garrity and the Graves” starring Chris McDonald (Quiz Show / Happy Gilmore) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Jared Garrity makes a living as a resurrecter of the dead in the Old West. He doesn’t make money from those who want people brought back to life – but from those who want the dead to stay just where they are … six feet under.

Sunday, March 11 9pm
“Of Late I Think of Cliffordville” starring * H.M. Wynant (Twilight Zone / Batman / Days of Our Lives) with Stacy Keach as narrator. * H.M. Wynant starred in the Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man” originally televised 11/4/60.
Plot: William Feathersmith, a bored, evil, wealthy businessman, gets a chance to go back in time and start over, armed with all the knowledge he’s acquired – an arsenal that’s not as powerful as he might think.

Saturday, March 17 9pm
“Mrs. Pierce Is Praying For Me” starring Tim Kazurinsky (Curb Your Enthusiasm / Police Academy) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A small time hustler who’s down on his luck and running from the mob seeks the help of an old woman, Mrs. Pierce, to help him save his older brother’s life.

Sunday, March 18 9pm
“The Lonely” starring Mike Starr (Ice Harvest / Dumb & Dumber) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A man convicted of murder is sentenced to spend 40 years on a distant asteroid in complete solitude that is until a sympathetic ship captain brings him a female robot companion.

Saturday, March 24 9pm
“Mute” starring Wade Williams (Prison Break / Buffy the Vampire) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Experimenting with the powers of telepathy, a mother and father try to raise their daughter in a world free of verbal communication.

Sunday, March 25 9pm
“Showdown with Rance McGrew” starring Chris McDonald (Quiz Show / Happy Gilmore) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot:  TV cowboy star Rance McGrew finds himself in a real Old West story where Jesse James challenges him to a showdown over television’s negative depiction of outlaws.

Saturday, March 31 9pm
“No Time Like the Past” starring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld / Shallow Hal) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Scientist Paul Driscoll travels back in time to try to prevent some of history’s catastrophes.  Unsuccessful, he decides to stay in the past without interfering until disaster strikes close to home.

Sunday, April 1 9pm
“Mr. Bevis” starring Bruno Kirby (Godfather Pt. 2 / City Slickers) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A kindly fellow’s life is turned upside down when he receives “help” from his guardian angel.

Saturday, April 7 9pm
“The Odyssey of Flight 33” starring Daniel J. Travanti (Hill Street Blues / Prison Break) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A commercial airliner is somehow transported back in time to the Prehistoric days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Sunday, April 8 9pm
“Long Distance Call” starring Hal Sparks (Queer As Folk / Spiderman 2) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Before Grandma died, she gave Billy a toy telephone.  When he uses it to talk to her, his parents dismiss it as an overactive imagination – until Billy decides it’s time to join his Grandma!

Saturday, April 14 9pm
“The Old Man in the Cave” starring Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket / My Bodyguard) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: After an Atomic Holocaust, a tiny community has managed to survive for ten years by following the instructions of the mysterious “Old Man in the Cave” as relayed to them by Mr. Goldsmith, their leader.

Sunday, April 15 9pm
“The Masks” starring Stan Freberg (Stuart Little / Rosanne) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Knowing he is about to die, a rich old man summons his greedy heirs to his mansion and gives them each the inheritance they so richly deserve.

Saturday, April 21 9pm
“Person Or Persons Unknown” starring John Schneider (Smallville / Dukes of Hazard) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A man awakens one morning to find that no one recognizes him, not even his wife of many years.

Sunday, April 22 9pm
“A Passage for Trumpet” starring Mike Starr (Dumb & Dumber / The Black Dahlia) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A down-on-his-luck trumpet player is given a second crack at life after being struck down by a truck.