Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

twilight-zone_1You’re Traveling to Another Dimension … in Entertainment! From the mind of Rod Serling, the master of the macabre… The original 1960’s TV scripts are now compelling radio dramas with today’s favorite Hollywood stars.  Visit the online home of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas to meet the stars, see behind-the-scenes cast photos and more.


Saturday, March 4 9pm
“Once Upon a Time” starring John Rhys-Davies (Raiders of the Lost Ark / Lord of the Rings) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Janitor Woodrow Mulligan escapes to the future thanks to his employer’s time helmet invention.  Once there though he’s not so sure the future is all that it’s cracked up to be.

Sunday, March 5 pm
“The Man in the Bottle” starring Ed Begley, Jr. (Six Feet Under / Relative Strangers / Best In Show) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: An impoverished pawnbroker is granted four wishes by a genie in a bottle. It’s not just that his wishes ended up not being what he expected – it’s what they did end up being.

Saturday, March 11 9pm
“The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” starring Frank John Hughes (Monk / Catch Me If You Can) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.

Sunday, March 12 9pm
“Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room” starring Adam Baldwin (My Bodyguard / Firefly) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A small time hood in a four-dollar a day room is ordered to kill a man.  In a mirror he sees the reflection of the man he could have been and still could become if he makes the right decision.

Saturday, March 18 9pm
“Number Twelve Looks Just Like You” starring Bonnie Somerville (The Ugly Truth / NYPD Blue) and Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny / Days of Our Lives / Saints & Sinners) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: In a future society where everyone must undergo an operation at the age of 19 to make them look like everyone else, one young woman desperately tries to hang on to her own identity.

Sunday, March 19 9pm
“The Obsolete Man” starring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld / Curb Your Enthusiasm) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A librarian in a future society is declared obsolete and is sentenced to die in a manner of his own choosing.

Saturday, March 25 9pm
“The Prime Mover” starring David Eigenberg (Sex & the City / See You In September) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Ace Larsen discovers that his simple-minded co-worker has telekinetic powers to move objects.  Ace devises a plan to use his powers to win big in Vegas – with unexpected results.

Sunday, March 26 9pm
“The Trouble With Templeton” starring Michael York (Austin Powers / Omega Code) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Booth Templeton is a Broadway actor nostalgic for his youth and his late wife.  During rehearsals for a new play he inexplicably finds himself back in time – only, for some strange reason, no one seems to want him there.

Saturday, April 1 9pm
“Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t” starring Dee Wallace (E.T. / Halloween) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A powerful businesswoman reluctantly agrees to wear an experimental hearing aid when she begins to lose her hearing.  With the aid of the hearing device, she believes she can now hear other people’s thoughts and fears that her husband is plotting to kill her.

Sunday, April 2 9pm
“Where Is Everybody?” starring John Schneider (Smallville / Dukes of Hazard) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A man wakes up in a small town to find himself completely and inexplicably alone.

Saturday, April 8 9pm
“A Most Unusual Camera” starring Mike Starr (The Black Dahlia / Ice Harvest / Dumb and Dumber) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Two thieves discover that a camera they have stolen takes pictures of events in the future.  A gold mine in greedy hands, but not every photo develops as might be expected.

Sunday, April 9 9pm
“Caesar and Me” starring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld / Shallow Hal) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Broke and jobless, ventriloquist Jonathan West is no match for his evil dummy, Little Caesar, who grabs the chance to set him up for a big fall.

Saturday, April 15 9pm
“A Piano In the House” starring Michael York (Omega Code / Austin Powers) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Insensitive drama critic Fitzgerald Fortune buys his young wife a player piano as a birthday present.  To his surprise, he discovers it has magical properties: its music reveals people’s hidden fears, loves, thoughts and secrets.

Sunday, April 16 9pm
“The Chaser” starring Stephen Tobolowsky (Ground Hog Day / Wild Hogs) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: A lovesick suitor buys a guaranteed love potion from a mysterious soul, a love potion that works all too well.

Saturday, April 22 9pm
“The Four of Us Are Dying” starring Eric Bogosian (Law and Order: Criminal Intent / Talk Radio) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: Arch Hammer is gifted with the ability to change his face to make it look like anyone he chooses.  He uses this unique gift for his own amusement without a thought to those who might get in his way.  But when he tries to double cross a gangster, Archie Hammer “the human chameleon” can’t slither away.

Sunday, April 23 9pm
“The Hitch-Hiker” starring Kate Jackson (The Rookies / Charlie’s Angels) with Stacy Keach as narrator.
Plot: While driving alone on a cross-country trip, Nan Adams keeps seeing the same hitchhiker all along the way even though there is no way that he could have gotten ahead of her.