10/9/22 – Carrie James, Co-Author of "Behind Their Screens: What Teens Are Facing and Adults Are Missing"


Carrie James is a noted sociologist and researcher on the unique mindsets and trials of the teenage experience. Particularly when affected by the myriad of imagery on their screens; cell phones, tablets, and the like. We’re often unaware of what our kids are discovering on a screen versus in the real world, where they’re convinced what they know is genuine. And as such, there are clear gaps to be found, often not seen in interpersonal communication. In particular, when navigating topics of mental health, morality and ethics, and certainly self-esteem. James, with co-author Emily Weinstein, encapsulate these findings in their new book, a study on teenage thought processes and the separate tracks they all follow from distinct perspectives, and what parents can learn when they take the time to listen. Kate discusses the basis of this research with James, in the hope of a much-needed, worthwhile conversation with our teens.