4-16-17: Erik Weihenmeyer, co-founder of No Barriers

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At 5:30AM on Sunday Morning Magazine: “What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way”. Spoken by Erik Weihenmeyer (Wine Mayor) co-founder of the movement called No Barriers. Erik speaks and challenges us/everyone from a personal place. He summited Mt. Everest in 2001, the only blind person to have done so. He has since climbed the highest mountains on all 7 continents. In 2014 he kayaked the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. His new book: NO BARRIERS: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon, takes us on the journey, a return to Nepal, and more importantly for Erik, provides the invitation to the Movement, No Barriers, where we can dust off those dreams we shelved some time ago.
www.nobarriersusa.org ; www.touchthetop.com