6-23-19: Reverse the 100 Deadliest Days for teens, www.driversed.com, www.projectyellowlight.com


Laura Adams is the Safety and Education Analyst at DriversEd.com, the number 1 online driving school. She joins us to talk about the 100 Deadliest Days for teens, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. These summer days represent freedom, parties, friends, so many fun things, and it can all add up to distractions, and then to crashes. www.driversed.com

Julie Garner presents a personal face to the tragedy. Her son Hunter, age 16, died along with his friend in a car crash in the summer 2007. To survive, Julie and her family founded “Project Yellow LIght”. It’s an annual, creative public service scholarship project for teens to speak to their peers about safe driving.