A New Program Comes To KIXI

Sunday Morning Magazine, hosted by Kate Daniels, is a locally-produced Seattle program featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend’s informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Sunday, July 14th, 6:30am – Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy expert,  and author of Fueling America: An Insider’s Journey.  Jack writes from personal experiences that occurred across the globe, relevant information about our planet and climate change.  What we need is sustainable, reliable energy sources for our future.  Jack speaks of wind and solar power.  Both are growing, and providing clean energy. And some of the labor is coming from the coal industry, giving a positive turn to the concerns of closing the coal mines. Jack speaks of the improvements in electric cars that now can go further, and the batteries have a longer life. Once the batteries are no longer used in vehicles, they are repurposed for use as storage cells with solar power. “Fueling America” is very readable, and a good resource for healing the planet.

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