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After COVID-19, some people leaving city life for good

After COVID-19, some people leaving city life for good

iStock/Robert Kirk(NEW YORK) — As a result of shutdowns, lockdowns, and losses of jobs from COVID-19, many big-city dwellers found themselves moving elsewhere, but some experts tell the Washington Post many of these people are deciding to make their moves permanent.

Suburban Jungle, a company dedicated to helping city folk find homes away from the urban jungle, has seen a 300% increase in inquires since the pandemic began, the paper reports.

With telecommuting, employees are learning they no longer need to live close to work, in an expensive, smaller place. What’s more, the “always on” aspect of living in a big city is also becoming a victim of the disease — cool bars and restaurants that bore the brunt of the shutdowns may shutter forever.

All these aspects are forcing city dwellers to question, “Is it worth it?” And many, the Washington Post says, are deciding it isn’t.

“Before this, everyone was like, ‘I don’t need a big house. I don’t want a lot of land. I want to be lifestyle rich,'” Suburban Jungle chief executive Alison Bernstein told the paper. “Now all these homes that have more land, are larger. That’s what people are craving.”

While LinkedIn reports more people than ever are looking for remote work, real estate company Redfin said page views of homes in small towns more than doubled in April, compared to the same time last year.  

“It’s no longer temporary. People are saying, ‘I’m not going back. This could happen again and we don’t know when it’s going to end,'” said Suburban Jungle’s Bernstein.

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