Be part of the solution; "Nourishing Neighbors" provides funds for food.


Sara Osborne is with the Albertsons/Safeway Foundation right here in the Puget Sound and she has some great insights into their collaboration with Northwest Harvest and how together we are helping to provide food and nourishment to the struggling persons and families right here among us. The giving has a large focus in December, and last year the donations provided food into the Spring. We are doing well, with donations coming in, but the need is really huge. A big campaign in the stores this season is the donations of the virual bags as we check out. There’s a choice of $5, $10, or $12. There funds are earmarked by area and provide the grocery store gift cards to persons/families that are in need of food–so they can shop for the items that they need and use–Nourishing Neighbors. It’really a great concept that is working well.
www.safewayfoundation.org www.northwestharvest.org