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Berlin's Terri Nunn talks new orchestral album and "Take My Breath Away," the "gift that just keeps on giving"

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Hit-making ’80s band Berlin just released a new album, Strings Attached, featuring new versions of their hits accompanied by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. It includes “Take My Breath Away,” “Metro,” “No More Words,” “Sex (I’m A)” and more.  Frontwoman Terri Nunn says adding an orchestra to their music makes it “majestic.”

“I had sung with orchestras three or four times. The first time that I heard my music played by an orchestra, I cried,” she tells ABC Audio. “It was huge, it was majestic. I’ve never heard my music like that. So any opportunity I got was an instant ‘yes’ to do it.”

So when Berlin was approached with the concept of No Strings Attached, Terri laughs, she said, “Let me think about it…YES!”

“I’m in love with it. I think it’s fantastic music,” Nunn gushes. In fact, when concerts start up again, she wants to do a tour featuring Berlin playing with a different orchestra in each city.

But no discussion of Berlin is ever complete without a reference to the Top Gun hit “Take My Breath Away.”  So, will we hear it in Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel that’s due out next summer?

“All we heard was there’s talk that they’re putting it…in the movie, like, he goes into a bar and [Tom Cruise] hears it and says ‘Oh, I really like that song!’ Which would be very cool!” she says, laughing.

“That song was a gift in my life that just keeps on giving,” adds Terri of the Oscar-winning smash. “I’m in awe of it because it just keeps going…people never seem to get tired of it. Some things…they take off and they have their own lives. ‘Take My Breath Away’…it’s one of those songs, you know?”

By Andrea Dresdale
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