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Betty White doing “very well” in quarantine; here’s what she’s up to

Betty White doing "very well" in quarantine; here's what she's up to

Freeform(LOS ANGELES) — As COVID-19 spread, there was a collective concern for beloved icon Betty White and her safety. Her rep first gave an update that she was doing well in March, and now two months later, fans can rest assured knowing she’s still doing just fine. 

In an email to Today, White’s rep revealed that the 98-year-old actress is doing “very well” and is taking all the precautions to keep herself as safe as possible. 

“No one permitted in except those who must,” the rep said. 

The Golden Girls actress has been quarantined in her home during the COVID-19 pandemic but in no way has she gotten bored. 

“She owns literally thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her mind jumping. This is really serious with her,” the rep shared.

White isn’t just cooped up in the house, though. Her rep explained, “Betty has beautiful backyard with a number of wild animals visiting. Two ducks always come by to say hello. They waddle up to her glass door and look in.”

The comedian’s publicist also chimed in playfully adding, “the animal community is watching over her” and that “the virus is afraid of Betty!”

So there you have it, long live Betty White. 

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