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Billie Joe Armstrong: "It's possible" new Green Day music could come out of pandemic

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Green Day just released their new album Father of All… earlier this year in February, but more music could be on the horizon as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Speaking with NME, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shares that he’s been “writing a lot” amid the pandemic.

“I’m always putting something together, whether it’s a full demo in my small studio or just some voice notes on my phone,” Armstrong explains. “The great thing about this is that if I ever feel creatively blocked, I can just do a cover, just to keep the momentum going.”

When asked if another Green Day album could come out of all that writing, Armstrong replies, “It’s possible.”

“Whether we do a full-length album or an EP or just a song, we have a lot of different options,” Armstrong says. “It’s a matter of whenever the right moment happens. That’s the beauty of the way you can put music out these days. You don’t have to wait for any gatekeeper to tell you that the timing is right.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the politically vocal Armstrong also shares his opinion on President Donald Trump‘s refusal to concede his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

“I think it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave, but he’s holding half of the country hostage,” Armstrong says. “I can’t figure out which side — whether it’s the people that support him or the people that hate him? It’s a waiting game at this point to get him out, then the temperature will lower a little bit more.”

Armstrong will release his No Fun Mondays covers compilation on November 27. You may also think that you’re hearing Armstrong’s voice on the new EP from The Network, but, as has been established, The Network is not Green Day. Wink wink.

By Josh Johnson
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