CAR-Mageddon! Via-Doom! Be Prepared

You’ve heard the gloom and doom warnings.  It could be one of the worst traffic messes Seattle has ever seen.  When the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes for good on January 11th we won’t have the new tunnel for about three weeks!

Laurie Hardie is KIXI’s Afternoon Traffic reporter and she has her finger on the pulse of the traffic scene, and she’s got some great information for you.

OK, so you’ve made your plan for getting around during the Alaskan Way Viaduct shutdown that begins Jan. 11. But have you thought about how you’ll get around after that when the new State Route 99 tunnel opens?

Remember the SR 99 on-and-off-ramps near the stadiums have closed. An estimated 23,000 vehicles/day use those ramps.  Tunnel entrances and exits, near Seattle’s Space Needle to the north and the stadiums to the south, work differently than the entrances and exits on the viaduct.

WSDOT has created some videos to help you navigate the new entrances and exits.

If there is a teeny little bright spot in all this… the tunnel will be free to use when it first opens.