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Cardboard car solves COVID-19 McDonald’s drive-thru dilemma

Cardboard car solves COVID-19 McDonald's drive-thru dilemma

Joe_Potato/iStock(BRUSSELS) — Here’s a problem.  You’ve got a McDonald’s craving, but they’re only serving through the drive-thru window because of the COVID-19 lockdown, and you don’t have a car.  What do you do?

“My daughter wanted to go but I told her we couldn’t since we don’t have a car and we couldn’t go with somebody else either, because of the lockdown,” Belgian mom Nathalie Moermans told The Brussels Times.

That’s when Moermans came up with the idea to make a car out of cardboard. Her 16-year-old daughter thought it was a “stupid idea” and was “embarrassed” at first, but eventually got on board and assisted with the creation.

“I told her it would give her some nice memories to tell her children about their grandmother’s crazy ideas,” Moermans explained. 

They dressed the makeshift vehicle with a “COVID-19” license plate and markings, dubbing the car the “McDo Mobile” before explaining, “Sorry, I want a McDonald’s but don’t have a car.”

When the mother-daughter duo took to the streets to head to the fast-food restaurant, which was located about a quarter-mile from their home, they were met with support from other drivers, who gave them thumbs-ups and took photos. They even garnered attention from police, who had an unexpected reaction after speaking to Moermans.

“I told the policewoman that I didn’t have a car but that we wanted to get a meal, and I think only then she realized that we were inside a cardboard car and burst out laughing,” she said.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that Moermans and her daughter were able to successfully get their McDonald’s — and a timeless tale to go along with it.

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