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Christine McVie doesn't think Stevie Nicks would do another Fleetwood Mac tour

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Obviously, nobody is touring at the moment, but if the COVID-19 pandemic abated enough to allow it, at least one member of Fleetwood Mac isn’t sure who else in the band would actually be up for hitting the road again.

Appearing on the BBC Radio 2 show Sounds of the Seventies on Sunday, Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie said it was “impossible” to answer the question of whether the band would tour again.

“If we do, it would be without John and without Stevie, I think,” Christine said, referring to band mates Stevie Nicks and bassist and co-founder John McVie.”  “I think I’m getting a bit too old for it now — especially having had a year off. I don’t know if I could get myself back into it again.”  Christine turns 78 in July.

“I know Mick [Fleetwood] would do it in a lightning strike, but I couldn’t possibly say,” Christine added of the band’s 73-year-old drummer.

She went on to say that John McVie, her ex-husband, who turned 75 in November, is “feeling a little bit frail” and “he just hasn’t got the heart” for touring anymore.  “It all looks very nice when you come and see the show, but the work that goes behind it to get to that point is unbelievable,” she declared.

During the pandemic, Nicks, who’s 73 in May, has been very vocal about how she wishes everyone would behave responsibly so that COVID-19 can be eradicated and she can perform live for fans again.  However, she hasn’t specifically said whether she wants to perform solo, or with Fleetwood Mac.

Ironically, demand for the band has probably never been higher, since that viral TikTok video pushed the band’s hit “Dreams” and its album Rumours back into the charts last year.

By Andrea Dresdale
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