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David Crosby comments on death of biological son, Beckett Cypher

David Crosby Comments On Death Of Biological Son, Beckett Cypher

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagicDavid Crosby has commented, albeit obliquely, about the tragic death of Beckett Cypher, the 21-year-old son of Melissa Etheridge.  Crosby was the biological father of both Beckett and his sister Bailey, who Etheridge shares with her ex-partner Julie Cypher.  Beckett died Wednesday after a struggle with opioid addiction.

One fan tweeted the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, “While I know that you were a surrogate, I also know that you just lost a son. I’m sorry, I know you’ve had a rough year” — possibly in reference to Crosby’s recent comments about the financial hardship he might suffer due to canceling his tour.

“Maybe it’s a test,” Crosby replied.

Another fan wrote, referring to Cosby’s strained relationship with his former band mates, “Wonder if even one of the CSN&Y guys will reach out to you regarding the loss of Beckett. Sure would hope that all have enough class and respect to do so. But won’t hold my breath.”

“I doubt it but …you never know,” Crosby replied.

Crosby also retweeted a news story reporting Beckett’s death and, as previously reported, corrected a Twitter user who said he didn’t have an active role in the boy’s life.  The user then apologized profusely.

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