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Dee Snider says new AC/DC album has been delayed, but is finished; call it "the ultimate 'one more time'"

Credit: Stephanie Cabral

Late last year, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider claimed in a series of Twitter messages that he knew for sure that a rumored AC/DC reunion album was in the works. Now, Snider has shared a brief update about the project.

Snider tells ABC Audio that the album “has been delayed” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, while noting that it “has been recorded.”

The veteran metal singer adds, “I haven’t heard anything, but…it’s AC/DC, man. You can’t go wrong!…Four chords and a dream, baby! That’s it!”

In his 2019 Twitter comments, Snider echoed reports about the album that first emerged in 2018, that the four surviving members of the Back in Black lineup had recently helped finish recordings from the early 2000s that featured late AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young.

“This is gonna be a miracle of technology,” Snider tells ABC Audio about the album. “What will be achieved, the reuniting of the band that we know for one more album, is gonna to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. Because nothing goes on forever. But this is the ultimate ‘one more time.'”

As previously reported, Snider will release a new concert video and album titled For the Love of Metal Live this Friday, July 31. The release features live performances from various 2019 festival appearances Snider made with his solo band in the U.S., Europe and Australia, and includes a cover of the classic AC/DC tune “Highway to Hell.”

Explaining why he chose the song to perform at his concerts, Dee notes, “AC/DC is a huge influence on me. The band influenced my songwriting. Bon Scott, the original singer, influenced my vocal style. And I’ve always felt that ‘Highway to Hell’ was the international heavy metal anthem.”

By Matt Friedlander
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