Do What Makes You Happy and Just Go For It


How often has this thought crossed your mind: “What do I have to lose?” As in, tomorrow’s not guaranteed, so what do I have to lose if I finally try to start my own business…… plan a dream vacation…… or ask the boss for a raise?

If that sounds familiar, you’re part of what’s being called the “YOLO Economy”…… YOLO stands for “you only live once!” Researchers say the YOLO economy is a big reason why a Microsoft survey found that nearly HALF of all workers are considering quitting their jobs! And a record 1-in-4 people are looking to relocate to another city, state or country. 

Christina Wallace is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School……and she says, a lot of people have reflected on their lives in the past 2 years. And many of them came to the conclusion that, if they’re not doing what makes them happy now, what are they waiting for? Why not GO FOR IT – in case they don’t get another chance!

The result? Experts are saying this is a year when people are taking big chances and pursuing “radical change!” After all, you only live once! And that’s the YOLO economy……

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