Do You Have a Good Listener in Your Life?

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Do you have a good listener in your life?

If so, it can keep your brain younger, longer! That’s according to new research from NYU. They found that having someone to confide in, who will really listen, is a huge stress reliever – AND it improves brain health by slowing cognitive decline.

The study focused on people in their 40s and 50s……and those who DID NOT have a supportive listener in their lives had a cognitive age 4-6  years OLDER than people who did have a good listener. 

That’s because conversations are like a workout for your brain……You have to get your points across, think of responses, and absorb what the other person is telling you. 

To find the right listener, psychologist Dr. Kiki Ramsey says you want to find someone who gives you space to respond without interrupting and shifting the focus to themselves.

Find that person and you can turn back the clock on your brain age! 

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