Does your shower routine include fresh ORANGES?


There are hundreds-of-thousands of social media posts with the hashtag “shower oranges”, with people describing the peace and “euphoria” they feel after peeling, sniffing, and even EATING an orange while taking a hot shower! And surprisingly, this is one social media trend with science to back it up.

For example:

According to environmental psychologist Dr. Sally Augustin, citrus aromas are proven to reduce stress.  And heat and humidity make smells more intense. So, when you peel an orange in a hot shower, it provides an energy boost and reduces anxiety. 

And the Mayo Clinic backs that up. In their research, when patients smelled the scent of orange essential oil, they reported reduced stress, more energy, better digestion and less nausea. 

Also, research from Penn State found that the act of peeling an orange has a meditative effect. It helps distract you from your worries, and pulls you into the here-and-now. 

Plus, even if you make a mess, no worries: You’re in the shower! 

Which helps explain why the Japanese have an ancient tradition of floating whole bags of citrus fruit in public baths and natural hot springs. It’s a proven way to soothe the mind AND body! And now we know: We can get similar stress relief from taking more hot showers with an orange!

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