Episode 69: The Oxygen Advantage with Patrick Mckeown


Our guest this week is Patrick McKeown author of the Oxygen Advantage and Clinical Director and Director of Education and Training at the Buteyko Clinic International. And he says we’re breathing all wrong.

We discuss the consequences of mouth breathing, everything from mental health to asthma, and a few easy steps you can take today to start fixing it. Plus, how to get all the athletic benefits of altitude training (like Olympic Athletes) from your sea level sitting room.

If you want to go deeper with the Oxygen Advantage methods, there are some useful instructional DVD’s available here.

Mr. McKeown’s preferred pulse ox meter is sold out on amazon, but consider this alternative.

Here is the lip sealing tape we mentioned during the interview.

And, finally, here is his youtube channel.

Here are the journals that Gib uses: The Best Self Journal and a blank Moleskin

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