Sunday Morning Magazine

12-31-17: Betty Lockner, GET program, save for college,

Betty Lockner is the Director of Washington state’s GET–Guaranteed Education Tuition–Program. It’s been in a hold and revamp place for about 2 years, but is back and continues to be the best plan to save for college tuition for our children, particularly if started at a young age. It’s a great baby gift, great gift to add funds for special occasions, and can even be used for our own education! if our kid gets scholarships or decides on a different future path. GET has now been in place for long enough that students have used the funds in all 50 states of the country–so it is portable. It’s been used for college in other countries–which means housing, books, as well. The current enrollment period runs until May 31, 2018. It’s been found that youth who know there are funds to help them go to college are 7 times more likely to go. And it’s a special gift to graduate with either no debt or less debt.