Sunday Morning Magazine

2-25-18: Rob Barnett, energy expert, author “The Economists’ Diet”

Rob Barnett is an economist, author, energy expert, and public speaker. His work as author is in collaboration with his mentor and co-author, Chris Payne. Based on their lives and results both found in their life style, weight gain, and then major weight loss, they’ve written: The Economist’s Diet. They attribute weight gain, becoming obese, to having a good paying job, working long hours, eating out regularly and sparing no cost. Chris first approached his new life style and weight loss, now 10 years into his plan and keeping his weight off. Rob was inspired and since 2014 has lost 75 lb. They both underscore the absolute need for life style change, and mark this as one reason the spectrum of fad diets do not work long term. They can be followed on Twitter @econdiet