Sunday Morning Magazine

7-16-17: Music Therapists: David Knott, Betsy Harman, Evelyn Pinder.

Music Therapy is a unique and individualized approach in the health field. And there’s likely nothing more touching and heart-warming than the work being done at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. The group of 3 music therapists (and these are college certified therapists) include David Knott, Betsy Hartman, and Evelyn Pinder. They combine their talent, their love of music, and their heart for helping children and families dealing with the challenges of health crises. They share some touching stories including one about a young teen girl, and creating her rap song to express dealing with chemo treatments. (I even got to ‘play’ the bebot!–a music app that helps anyone feel musically accomplished!) And our good friend Dianna Rose in very involved in Music Therapy.