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74: The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted with The Gottmans

Our guests this week are Drs John and Julie Gottman. We’ll be discussing their newest book Eight Dates. Which are eight topics of conversation that can help guide and recenter your relationship and get you both going on the path to relationship satisfaction and pointed in the same life direction. This is a must listen for anyone who is starting a relationship and wants to know if it has a future or someone who feels stuck in a rut.

This interview is long, it’s our longest ever, but we thought it was important to get you as much information if you’re looking to improve your romantic relationships.

Also, in this interview we talk about and acknowledge physical intimacy in a relationship, so if you’re listening with someone who doesn’t know about the existence or purpose of physical intimacy, or you’re easily triggered by that, maybe this isn’t the episode for you.

To follow up with the Gottmans and all of their resources visit their website here.

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