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86: Plan For Your Brain with Arman Assadi

Our guest this week is Arman Assadi, the creator of the EVO Planner, the most crowd funded planner of all time. It’s a planner that’s designed for your brain type. We talk about why your brain type matters when you organize your day to get you into “flow,” why “flow” is important to becoming the person you were meant to be, and what the perils are of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Want to know your brain type? Take the quiz here. 

Follow up with Arman at his website and Instagram. Also, Project EVO has its own instagram.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Arman DID send us a planner AFTER we did the interview. No money was exchanged, and we sought him out with no promise or expectation of remuneration.

Own the journals that Gib uses: The EVO Planner and a blank Moleskin.

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