Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

Artful Ashes-Planning ahead for Loss of a Loved One

Robin Alexis was inspired to create her new radio show/podcast, “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” as a result of her personal and professional exposure to loss and all the ways that it can express itself.

Robin is a psychic medium, and regularly works with people who have lost loved ones. In addition, Robin has had multiple tragic personal experiences with loss. Robin lost one baby from two different sets of twins. The first loss occurred when Robin was only 23 years old. She was violently physically attacked when she was 28th weeks pregnant with her first set of twins. The attack resulted in early labor and her babies’ premature birth.

After weeks in the hospital, Robin returned home, barely able to walk or function on her own. Her tiny daughters were both alive and remained in the Intensive Care Nursery. This made her mother’s heart ache. Robin would just stare at the two cribs she had prepared for her babies and weep.

During her pregnancy it never once occurred to Robin that she or her babies could die. It wasn’t even remotely on her radar. The doctors had assured her that both her babies would be going home healthy and happy. Nevertheless, a few days after Robin was released from the hospital, one of her babies died of sepsis. Very shortly after her baby’s death, Robin was rushed back to the hospital herself, critically ill. She hovered between life and death in the hospital for over a month.

Robin was so ill that she didn’t have the ability to think about things like what would happen with the body of her deceased infant, or what to do about funeral arrangements. This experience was unique in Robin’s life up to that time; she had no prior personal experience with traumatic death. No one from the hospital came to her hospital bed to discuss the reality of her daughter’s body being in the morgue at the hospital, or what to expect.

A few weeks later, after Robin had returned home once again, she heard a knock on the front door. The mailman was there to have her sign for a package she wasn’t expecting. Listen to episode #7 (28October2022) of the Sharing Love and Loss podcast to find out what was in that package.

When you listen to this episode, you will understand why Robin says that this conversation with founder and owner of Artful Ashes Greg Dale feels like redemption for her daughter who died.

Death of our bodies is an inevitability for all of us. We can choose to intentionally and consciously prepare for it to minimize feelings of regret after someone we love is gone. Robin hopes that this conversation gets you to choose to plan ahead mentally and spiritually.

One important way to prepare is to decide, or ask your loved ones to decide, how their body should be handled after they are gone. Do they wish to be interred, or cremated? If your loved one is a young child, or an incapacitated adult, do you need to make end of life decisions for them? Answering hard questions like these can take a toll, and it can be helpful to know ahead of time what your options are.

One option is to have the artists at Artful Ashes capture the essence of your loved one’s spirit in a swirl of color, sealed forever within attractively crafted glass art pieces.

What is Artful Ashes? It is Greg Dale’s Seattle-based company that helps you memorialize your loved ones peacefully.

Visit their website to view their sacred blown glass art.