Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

Cathy Corley – Tough Loss & Rekindled Love

On this episode of, “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis” we have a guest host, Mary Stephenson who is filling in for Robin Alexis. Mary is both an intuitive healer and executive coach. Her inspiring guest is Cathy Corley. Cathy is an experienced business woman and life coach. After reaching her own breaking point due to a cascade of challenging events in her immediate family, Cathy rebuilt her life and found her own value and worth by letting it all go!
At the depths of her despair, Cathy severed ties with her own teenage daughters in order to reclaim herself and find her own power. But she didn’t stop there. Cathy took the road less traveled. She did it on her own terms and never gave up on the truth and the love she held in her heart. Fast forward to today where she has fully reconciled the relationships with her now grown daughters. They are all thriving and stronger than ever!

Cathy is the founder of 4CDiscernment a coaching firm 100% committed to helping men and women leaders discover a deeper sense of truth and inner power as they advance towards living more fully into their destiny and purpose. Do you want to be a guest on “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”? Email her at!