Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

CJ Obray- Second Chances, Lessons Learned, and Mystical Messages

Robin’s book editor, CJ Obray, lost her close family connections when she married as a young woman. After her divorce many years later, she was determined not to waste the second chance she had been given to renew her relationship with her parents. Telephone, email, text messaging, and frequent long road trips provided opportunities for them all to share their daily lives even when they were separated by several states and hundreds of miles. When her father fell seriously ill, though, medical equipment and loss of motor function interfered with his ability to speak, so he found another way to communicate with CJ and her mother. The method he chose changed everything. Both of CJ’s parents have now passed away, but their communication with her has not stopped. In this episode, CJ courageously shares her experience with love and loss and what she learned about listening carefully when all other options are taken away.
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A follow-up note from CJ: After recording this interview, my father let me know that it is a dream come true for him to be able to share how he learned to communicate effectively despite seemingly insurmountable physical barriers.
Thank you, Robin, for providing this opportunity to honor my father and share his message. Mom says it’s her turn next!
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