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Kevin O’Conner Believes That Organ Donation Really Is the Greatest Gift

Kevin O’Conner is the President and CEO of Life Center Northwest, which is dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. Life Center NW works with families, medical professionals, and communities across Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington. And in this collaboration aim to protect the gift of life by coordinating a number of facets: Creating a registry of organ donors, working with hospitals and medical professionals to find the match of someone who tragically loses their life with many people who are in need of the different organs and tissues of the body. It’s very simple to do register, which can be done online, or people do it when renewing a driver’s license. Someone’s tragedy becomes life giving in the event their organs can be given to another person. It leaves a legacy of hope. Ideally this is a conversation to have before there is a tragic event, which helps the process to unfold more fluidly.