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Make your Heart #1 in your life, and Live Fierce! Dr. Susie Woo, Holly Tucci.

We’re looking ahead to Heart Health month and Friday, February 5 is Wear Red Day. And the American Heart Association invites us to the Virtual Luncheon, and we can register here: Inspiring speakers who are survivor of a heart or stroke–a leading cause of death in both women and men, and it’s on Wed. February 24. 2021 Live Fierce!

Guests: Dr. Susie Woo is a cardiologist with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in Seattle, and also a volunteer expert for the American Heart Association, and underscores the need of living a health life style. Holly Tucci is a woman who was born with a heart murmur and a heart block and eventually at age 9 had her first pacemaker. Her younger son was born with a similar condition, and will eventually have a pacemaker. Seattle now has a free book for parents to guide them in navigating the things to do when their child has a heart condition.