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Reframing Wellness – A Conversation with Jill Beck

Episode 119: “Reframing Wellness – A Conversation with Jill Beck”


JDK welcomes a special guest to this week’s show – Jill Beck, founder and CEO of “Go Long”, a Wellness Concierge service. Jill focuses on the “Sandwich Generation” of people (40s / 50s), who often are taking care of kids and parents and putting their own health last in their lists of “to do’s” Jill helps cut through that by helping people connect with what truly matters in their day-to-day lives, what they want to be doing in the future, and finds them the idea people and professionals with which to work to reach their goals. After listening to this stimulating conversation, be sure to reach out to Jill using the links below. And, if you mention that you found about her on this show, she will give you a 20% off discount!