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Spotlighting Mental Health with Achea Redd

People of color are especially prone to the stigmas associated with seeking mental health care. Mental health advocate Achea Redd is here to create safe spaces for women and girls of color to ask for and receive the help they need to live their best lives—the help she wished she’d had when she was struggling.
In her third book, The Precipice of Mental Health: Becoming Your Own Safe Space (Forefront Books, May 3, 2022), Achea, wife of NBA icon Michael Redd, shares her personal battle with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, atypical anorexia, and her estranged relationship with her father. Achea’s honesty is key to helping readers understand that there is a path to healing for those who are struggling. It’s also an eye-opening look at how spouses and family members can help someone during a mental health crisis.