Don’t Ask Me to Talk with Stacy Heller

TV Party Tonight

Poker Face, And/or The Bear?

Which to watch!? Before they dish on what they’ve been watching, Stacy and Eric take time to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day and National Artichoke Day. Of equal importance, no; however, both are green adjacent. After a lesson on colcannon from Eric, they switch gears to discuss which programs they’ve been binging. Since Stacy is always so far behind, she takes a back seat to find out what’s good enough for Eric to watch. Tune in for a lot of awesome suggestions! Because Vance Dingfelder from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering can’t join the program this week, Stacy shares her experiences with Nourish Catering. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Reoccurring dreams we have