Camlann Medieval Village presents the annual Midsomer Festival

Medieval Festival
June 23 – 24
Carnation, WA

Have you ever want to step back in time and leave cell phones, the internet and the 21st century behind? Maybe you ought to try the 14th century.
The lord of Camlann invites you to visit quaint 14th century England at Midsomer Festival, with summer games, puppetry, magic, crafts, archery, and minstrelsy.  Come to Somersetshire, ancient realm of Arthur the king, as the morning trumpet & charter proclamation open the village gates upon the colorful world of Chaucer’s England in 1376. The pace is leisurely: everything does not happen at once.
Contemporary dress is encouraged!

Stay for the Feast at 5:00 pm.

Noon – 5 pm

Midsomer Festival details here