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Ex-Yes singer Jon Anderson confirms 2023 tour plans with cover group The Band Geeks

Photos by Robin Kauffman & Dave Giordano

Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson recently revealed to ABC Audio that plans were in the works for him to tour with a talented cover group called The Band Geeks, and now official details have been announced about a spring 2023 U.S. trek with the collective.

The tour, dubbed “Yes Epics & Classics featuring Jon Anderson and The Band Geeks,” kicks off April 14 in Westbury, New York, and runs through a May 16 show in North Tonawanda, New York. Twelve dates have been confirmed, with more concerts expected.

The shows will feature performances of an eclectic selections of Yes songs, including epic pieces like “Close to the Edge,” “waken” and “Gates of Delirium,” and popular tunes “And You and I,” “Roundabout” and “Your Move/All Good People.”

The Band Geeks came together as the house band of Blue Öyster Cult bassist Richie Castellano‘s Band Geek podcast internet show. The group gained attention thanks to the YouTube videos they posted of their detailed performances of songs by Queen, Toto, Black Sabbath and, of course, Yes.

Anderson says, “The first time I heard the BAND GEEKS I truly freaked out — they sound just like the classic YES of the seventies, the YES that I know and love … AND THAT’S WHAT I’M WANTING TO BRING TO YOU ON THIS TOUR … YES MUSIC IS FOREVER!!!!!!”

In addition to Castellano, who plays bass and guitar in The Band Geeks, the group features former John Entwistle Band keyboardist Chris Clark, drummer Andy Ascolese, guitarist/keyboardist Robert Kipp and guitarist/bassist Andy Graziano.

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