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Ex-Yes singer Jon Anderson to be interviewed Friday about daughter's Native American-themed documentary

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Credit: Deborah Anderson

Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson will take part in an online interview this Friday, March 12, focusing on Women of the White Buffalo, a 2019 documentary directed and produced by his daughter Deborah that looks at the struggles of several women who live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Jon, who contributed to the film’s score and co-wrote its theme song, will chat with Sun Rose Iron Shell, one of the women profiled in the movie. The singer will discuss his experiences with Indigenous peoples and musicians, and share his views about the oppression and harsh existence Native Americans face in the U.S.

Regarding the documentary, Anderson tells ABC Audio, “[Deborah] did a great movie. It’s just beautifully powerful. It’s not easy to watch…but it’s needed more than anything these days.”

Jon then explains, “Deborah, God bless her, spent over two years in Pine Ridge in the Dakotas there. And spending time with Native Americans is a very, very enlightening thing…[Y]ou are standing next to incredible knowledge and Mother Earth empowerment when you stand with a Native American, and you listen.”

He adds, “Deborah did exactly that. She went to listen and filmed what they were thinking, what they’re talking about. And I’ll speak about it very openly on Friday, because it’s part of our world that [America] is hiding away from…the realization of Native American culture.”

As for his musical contributions to the film, Anderson notes, “I was happy to help in any way. I just saw her getting out there and doing it…making it work…And, fingers crossed, a lot of people will see it and understand a lot of things.”

The interview is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET at the film’s official Facebook page.

By Matt Friedlander
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