Get Your Santa Suit and Running Shoes Ready, It's Time for Jingle Bell Run 2019!


Jingle Bell Run 2019. Just a week to go to this fun and important fundraising event, the 35th jingling year! Get out the bells, the festive gear, get out the walking shoes, gather friends and family and make this the greatest one yet. The honorees and the folks from the Arthritis Foundation–The Bock Family, with young Izzy (just 3 years old), Dr. Amish Dave, and Steve Wright from the Arthritis Foundation, provide all the stories and details to inspire us to raise funds, and donate to The Arthritis Foundation. This autoimmune disease strikes indiscriminately, as is the case with little Izzy–no history of the condition in the family. A large percentage of the $$ raised for the Run on Sunday, December 8 at Westlake Park, go toward research!