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Graham Nash hopes new song "Vote" will inspire people "to use the most powerful tool…in today's world"

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Credit: Amy Grantham

Last week, Graham Nash released a new song called “Vote,” along with a companion video, that he hopes will inspire people to participate in the upcoming election and, inevitably, lead to a change in the current administration.

Nash tells ABC Audio that he began writing the song at the end of Richard Nixon‘s presidency, but didn’t complete it until this year. The folk-rock legend and liberal-minded activist says he was motivated to finish the tune because only 48% of the people who were eligible to vote in 2016 did so, which he maintains led to Donald Trump being elected president.

The “Vote” video, which you can watch at Nash’s YouTube channel, features a montage of powerful images reflecting current issues and topics, and also includes footage and pics of people casting their ballots.

Regarding the overriding message of the song and video, Nash says, “People have laid down their lives…trying to protect our right to vote. And we must use the most powerful tool that we have in today’s world, and that is our voice. And the way that we get our voice raised is to vote.”

Nash finished writing “Vote” with help from his touring guitarist and frequent collaborator Shane Fontayne. The track was completed remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown, with Fontayne on guitars and bass, Todd Caldwell on keyboards and saxophone, and Todd’s brother Toby on drums.

Funnily, Graham says he recorded his vocals in a studio set up in the bathroom of his New York apartment.

Looking ahead to next Tuesday, Nash tells ABC Audio, “Let’s get this election over with. Let’s put a brand new administration into power. Let’s start changing the world for the better. Let’s start making it a better place for us and our children and our grandchildren.”

By Matt Friedlander
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