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Heart’s Ann Wilson says she thinks Bob Dylan’s new songs are “nothing short of stunning”

Heart's Ann Wilson says she thinks Bob Dylan's new songs are "nothing short of stunning"

Criss Cain; Columbia RecordsLife during the COVID-19 pandemic has been sad and stressful for many people, although Ann Wilson says she’s found it heartening that one of her musical heroes has chosen this time to release some inspiring new music.

“Those two Bob Dylan songs that just came out, my God, so cool,” the Heart frontwoman tells ABC Audio, referring to Dylan’s recent tunes “Murder Most Foul” and “I Contain Multitudes.”

“Those hit me the hardest. You know, just the words that come out of our master poet of our generation…about what’s going on. It’s just nothing short of stunning.”

Ann, who has been self-quarantining with husband Dean Wetter at their home in rural Florida, says that before Dylan released those songs, she and her spouse had been wondering what he’d been doing during this period of upheaval, and noted that the music legend’s creative voice would be welcomed.

“Then, here come these two songs,” Wilson notes. “[A]nd we’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what he’s doing. He’s not gone…He’s nowhere near gone.'”

Reflecting on the lyrics of Dylan’s new tunes, Ann maintains, “He’s getting so zen…The words are getting more and more Hemingway-esque, you know? They’re not so flowery. They’re real simple and to the point…He’s always been like the master metaphor guy. But boy, I just can’t say enough. I’m just so thrilled with those two songs.”

Dylan also recently released a third new song, “False Prophet,” and announced that a full-length studio album titled Rough and Rowdy Ways — featuring all three tunes — will arrive on June 19.

Meanwhile, Wilson recently told ABC Audio that she’s been working on two new solo songs — “Black Wing” and “As the World Turns” — although release plans for those tunes haven’t been announced.

By Matt Friedlander
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